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Welcome friends and meet my new blogger|friend |sidekick Shauna @chicover50 and the launch of ROCKIN THE AGES. Shauna is the coolest girl from Salt Lake City, Utah that I tripped across about a year and a half ago on Instagram. I call her a girl because she has such a youthful outlook on life. I was fascinated with her unique look and ability to connect with her readers, so I reached out to her and we became INSTA Instagram friends. After getting to know Shauna, I found that she is a great photographer, hence her gorgeous photos, an accomplished tennis player, mother of 3 grown boys and grandmother to 4 grandchildren. Follow her blog

Last month when about 30 women from all over the country met up in Los Angeles for a weekend of parties, brunches and dinners sponsored by brands that want a relationship with women over 50. Shauna and I planned to meet in person for the first time, stay at the same hotel and do a photoshoot while in LA. Just check out how we coordinated our outfits. Shauna sent me a photo of her skirt and I put together an out fit that I was hoping would work with hers. What we found was that our style is so similar, because when we showed up to shoot, we had on the same earrings, but in different colors. It was as if a stylist had put our looks together.

I can’t tell you how much fun we had that day. We were like Lucy and Ethyl, Isn’t it great when you meet someone and it just clicks. ( read on for rest of story)

For a couple of years I have been wanting to do a “Rockin The Ages” concept with other bloggers that were in my age group, however I only knew of much young bloggers in the Houston area. I kept my eyes and ears open and tossed some ideas around to some younger girls, but it just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t put my hands around how to make it work. Then that weekend in LA, the light bulb came on and it was like a huge spot light. I called Shauna and before I could even get my whole idea across, she said YES!!!! OMG, our little heads were full of ideas and all the possibilities. I am so glad I didn’t start something else before we met, because then I might have missed this window of opportunity with this precious soul. I really do think it was a God thing.

So, here we are…...ROCKIN THE AGES.….CHIC & SHESHE……bringing you Fashion | Travel | Lifestyle while celebrating our ages and setting examples for the younger generations. Expect to meet other like women as well as a few millennials , learn about new products, enjoy great photography of fashion and some exciting travel destinations.

Coming up soon Shauna in Spain, September for New York Fashion Week, and late September in Moab, Utah. We have so many ideas and hope you will FOLLOW our Instagram @rockintheages.



 Our Outfit Details

Shauna’s Look

SheShe’s Look


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