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If I ever had an obsession, it would be the handbag. Just recently the statement bag has even edged out fine jewelry on my obsessed list. Today, I wanted to share with you the many shapes trending now in ladies handbags. There are soo…. many styles, that it is impossible for me to show all that I love. What my goal is, is to show a more expensive bag on the left in each style category and on the right show a similar shape that is more reasonable for the cost conscious lady. I call it the     Crave or Save

                               CRAVE                                                                               SAVE   


CROSSBODY This bag has been trending for a couple of years now. I love the cross body because  it is a smaller bag that can fit nicely down into my travel carry on bag and it also has a real swag look to it. It will save your shoulders as the light weight of the bag is distributed evenly when worn as a true crossbody. A+++

BACKPACK This bag reincarnated from the early 1990’s is loved by the younger generation. Of course, because they have never seen this bag as a fashion accessory, only as a utilitarian bag.

Well, I bought a leather fashion Donna Karen backpack in the early 1990’s and am I ever glad I did not get rid of it. I will relive the experience……

SATCHEL BAG Here we have the more classic of the bags and is always a great choice especially given you can only have one bag.

Also, moving in to Spring and showing above, is the color blush as well 2 of the biggest designers on the market today in leather goods, Tory Burch and Michael Kors. A+++

TOTE BAG The tote bag is usually a larger bag to haul all of our stuff. We still love them, but how much bigger can they get.

The bag on the left is a wonderful bag for $48.00, because if you click on the picture, you will find that it is actually reversible. A +

ENVELOPE CLUTCH A clutch is a clutch…right, because you carry it clutched in you hand. Yes, but there are different shapes or names for different styles of the clutch bag. This clutch bag is called the envelope clutch and rightly named because it has the shape of an envelope. A++

CLUTCH BAG Here are a couple of styles of the clutch bag. I especially love to pop an outfit, be it day or night, with either a fun color, print or a texture clutch bag. I have carried a leopard printed calf skin clutch over and over this winter. A++

HOBO BAG This bag is another bag that seems timeless. Some years more prominent than others, but always a good safe go to bag that is timeless. They are definitely geared to a more casual look that looks great with jeans. I would not carry a hobo with a dress or suit and for heavens sake, don’t carry as an evening bag. I have seen that before and NOT GOOD! A+

KELLY BAG This Hermes bag on the left, obsessed by many was made famous by the beautiful actress Grace Kelly in the 1950’s. The classic look of this bag embodies the classic looks of the amazing Princess Grace of Monaco. The shape and style of the Hermes Kelly bag have still stayed the same spanning over 60  years.

This bag is actually a pre-owned bag. A new Kelly Bag runs close to $10,000.00 today and they are very hard to come by as there is a waiting list at most Hermes stores for the Kelly bag and the Birkin bag that was made famous by Jane Birkin. A++++++

Most handbag styles come in and out of style as clothing styles do, so if you have a really cool bag that doesn’t feel right this season, then just keep it and I feel sure you will get to carry it again.

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