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Welcome to our very first weekly weekend series call SheShe’s Weekend Wanderings and boy oh boy did we ever land on a news worthy topic….Hurricane Harvey.

With the help from Delaney Sanders, my assistant, we are excited to bring you topics from so many subject matters that range from current events, fashion, beauty, travel, book reviews and much more. Delaney is the perfect girl to bring on board to the SheShe team as a contributor, because she is a Journalism major at Baylor University. So get your coffee (or wine) and sit down for a good read SheShe’s Weekend Wanderings.

What to Know | Hurricane Harvey

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, it is safe to say that an air of panic has risen in this city.
No matter how many times we have found ourselves in this very same situation, it seems nearly
impossible to ignore the feeling of chaos as nature runs its course.

For those who haven’t experienced a hurricane, this whole concept can be a sort of enigma. In
the same vein as we Texans struggle empathizing with massive blizzards in the northern section
of our country, this type of confusion exists for those who haven’t been affected by these

Essentially, a hurricane is a massive storm. Warm ocean water, combined with pockets of moist
air, cause large clouds to form. Eventually these clouds grow and spin, creating huge pillars that
can turn into storms and eventually hurricanes.

It is tricky to know when to be fearful of hurricanes, as their very essence is to begin from a
storm. Storms are incredibly common here too, occurring frequently but rarely producing more
than annoyance in our communities. So when deciphering between storms, tropical
depressions, and hurricanes; it is easy to fall prey to the belief that the weather or news
organizations are over exaggerating when they give initial reports of the forecast.

Falling victim to this ideology, or relying on past experiences with hurricanes that ended up
being more similar to intense rainstorms, can make it difficult to decide whether or not to
evacuate. The evacuation process is a headache to say the very least, and often times leads to
hours (if not a full day) of travel to other parts of the state or country. When combined with
elderly relatives, small children, or animals, this process can often cause a nightmare
remembered infamously for years to come.

Staying in your home, while a bit simpler than fighting the woes of evacuation, can be equally
as terrifying when the natural forces take their course. Flooding, road closures, loss of
electricity, and the lack of surrounding resources can lead to adrenaline-packed hours and
many silent prayers.

Simply put, hurricanes can be immensely frightening. It’s funny to think about how busy we
become, how packed our schedules remain and yet how quickly these plans are trivialized
when something so much greater takes control. When these events occur we have no choice
but to hold our loved ones close and know that we will come out the other end stronger than

The last thing, and perhaps most important thing, to know about hurricanes is their power to
unify our state. In the face of chaos we choose to help each other, to pray for each other, to put
ourselves in the shoes of those around us and do our best to fight alongside them. I am
confident this is the same in all states but I can tell you without a doubt that is here; Texans
help Texans, no matter how bad the circumstances become.

by Delaney Sanders


  • This has been a month from hell with all kinds of unexpected happenings in my life and we are still in the throws of challenging times with the affects and devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We feel very blessed that as of this writing we have not flooded, but many homes in our neighborhood have flooded. We have been fighting a few roof leaks mostly in the attic, but nothing that can’t be fixed without too much. I hope!! We are grateful in that respect.
  • There are several Go Fund Me’s out there so please my friends think about donating. There is also the Red Cross and Donate Hurricane Harvey, just make sure that you are directing your gift to Hurricane Harvey. The gulf coast has a multi billion dollar price tag on it to repair, rebuild and restore lives and businesses. Please GIVE!!
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