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fitness, fitness tips, healthy lifestyle, workouts, exercise habits, wellness

I absolutely love New Year’s Eve. It always encourages me to set goals for the upcoming year, and reflect on the past 12 months. Nearly every year, I (along with most of the world) set a goal to be more healthy in the upcoming year. Whether it’s dropping a few pounds, picking up a new type of exercise, or just drinking more water–there seems to always be room for improvement when it comes to caring for your body.

This year I wanted to create a list of several changes I’d like to make in 2019, instead of just focusing on one overarching goal. This way, I have tangible ways to keep myself accountable when heading into this new season. So here are some ideas for a healthier 2019…enjoy!

Park further way

This one is really quite simple, but in these colder months, it’s easier said than done. Finding small ways to work in some extra cardio is super important, especially if you’re remaining stagnant at work all day. Picking the far-away parking spots is not always the quickest way to reach your destination, but it will help you reach those lofty step goals!

fitness, fitness tips, healthy lifestyle, workouts, exercise habits, wellness

Limit the screentime

There are several reasons to limit screen time, all of which are centered around health. First and foremost, blue light from electronic screens has proven negative health factors, which is why so many of us are now opting for blue light protecting glasses. But screens can also stop us from getting the proper amount of deep sleep, as well as lead to “tech neck,” or a misaligned torso. Try and keep your phone in another room when you’re going to sleep, and monitor how much of your day you’re spending on these devices!

Switch sweat sessions

I really believe in this one, and have seen it work in my own life. I love to workout first thing in the morning, and I used to stick to the same basic routine. But these last few months I’ve been trying different classes and going at night, to switch up my workouts. Besides physical benefits, I really think this does wonders for us mentally. It takes away the “forced” feeling a workout can sometimes bring and replaces this with eager anticipation for the new sweat session.

Work while you walk

Similar to a stand-up desk at work, this idea is mainly for those answering emails all day. But for those who have flexible hours or just take-home work, being productive while walking at a low speed on the treadmill is truly the definition of “two birds one stone.” If you don’t have emails to answer, try reading a book or just calling a friend. The point is that you’re walking while doing these things that we typically remain seated for, and again working towards those coveted step goals.

fitness, fitness tips, healthy lifestyle, workouts, exercise habits, wellness

Shake your shake up

This is another one I’ve been doing recently. A lot of us drink smoothies or juices throughout the day but tend to stick to a pretty standard recipe after we find one we like. But recently, I’ve been challenging myself to mix up my smoothie game and add ingredients I typically shy away from. Then, I pay attention to see how full I am and for how long–to make sure I’m making effective changes.

Veggies on tap

When I get home from a long day, I’ve typically worked up quite the appetite. So the first thing I usually do is open the pantry for some crackers, to nibble on while I cook dinner. But instead of opting for these, I’m trying to challenge myself to prepare vegetables at the beginning of the week to keep stored in my fridge. This way when I need a snack, I can pick something a little better for my body.

fitness, fitness tips, healthy lifestyle, workouts, exercise habits, wellness

Grab a buddy

Obviously, having a workout partner to keep you accountable is an amazing idea for those of us trying to work out more in the new year. But with all of our friends, it’s possible to integrate small changes to make those Girls Night Out’s just a littttttle healthier. For example, suggest a happy hour instead of dinner, or a walk instead of a trip to the nail salon. Or, invite friends over and cook a healthy meal instead of going out. This will save your waistline…and your bottom line too.

Give your body a bedtime

This is a new idea I’ve heard about, which is somewhat related to the “intermittent fasting” diet that has been popular in 2018. Essentially, the goal here is to set a time during the night that you will not eat anything else. Then, plan the time you’ll consume breakfast the next morning and ensure you’ve given your body enough time to properly metabolize what it’s consumed. This break not only helps us to avoid snacking unnecessarily but aids in digestion too.

That’s all we have, folks! Happy (almost) 2019!


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