Weekend Wanderings | 5 Easy Ways to Save Money

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After we enjoy the fun this weekend has to offer, we will be met with National Tax Day next Monday (April 15th). National Tax Day is the day that individual tax returns are due to the federal government, which might sound pretty boring—but as we know, is rather important.

If you’re like me, doing taxes always forces me to reevaluate the previous year’s spending. Annnnd if you’re anything like me, you consistently vow around this time of year to do a better job at budgeting and saving your money.

This year—I’m hoping to actually stick to this goal with some tangible and easy ways to have a little more money in my wallet. Keep reading for these five tips & tricks to make this year your richest yet!

Sell it back

Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear? How about a box of old accessories that no longer match your style? I’ve been on Poshmark for years, but other apps like Mercari, ThredUp and Tradesy offer the same service–a community of people buying and selling gently used items. This is a great way to make money on items you won’t miss–and declutter your space!

Create the card

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every time I purchase a gift I am amazed with the price of greeting cards. I’m someone who really believes in giving cards along with gifts, because I love the opportunity to write to my friends/family on their special day. That being said, I never want it to break the bank…and if often does! To avoid this, I’ve started ordering cards in bulk on Amazon. This way, I’m not caught off-guard or overspending when a special day arrives. Better yet, you could make your own cards…and then teach me how to do it!

money, saving money, how to save money, how to budget, small tips for saving money, easy ways to save money

Make spa day a priority

How can a spa day make you save money? Seems quite unbelievable, right? According to studies about the psychology behind spending habits, having your hands groomed properly can actually help you make smarter financial decisions. Seems pretty easy, right? Because we handle money and credit cards with our hands when we’re shopping in person–when you’re happy with how your hands look, you actually might be tempted to make better spending decisions. Want to take this one a step further? Drop the salons, and start doing your nails at home!

House party > Dinner party

How much do we spend per month going out to eat? I know my answer to this question is startling. I downloaded a budgeting app to help me track this and was truly shocked at what I found. A great way to stop this spending is to invite your friends over on the same day every week, instead of the spontaneous (and pricey) dinner plans I seem to make with friends every week. Have everyone bring something yummy, and you might even have leftovers for the next day!

money, saving money, how to save money, how to budget, small tips for saving money, easy ways to save money

Locate a library

Okay, I know I might sound old fashioned here–but this is another huge money-saver. Trading in your electronic reading devices or Barnes & Noble credit card for a library membership is a game-changer in terms of saving money. Most memberships are free, and public libraries can pretty much be found everywhere. If you need help finding yours, click here. I highly recommend this for you bookworms like me, who have stacks and stacks of already-read books cluttering up your home!

There you have it, friends! How are you saving money this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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