Beating Jet Lag + Our Favorite Pajamas

SheShe of the SheShe Show wearing leopard pj's on lake balcony in Austin

Have you ever set out for a trip with high expectations? Maybe expectations so high…they haven’t been met? For me, this happens for one main reason…not getting enough sleep! The more I read about sleep the more I realize how important it is for our overall health.

Whether it’s jet lag from overseas travel or just not being able to sleep on flights…it is easy to let a lack of sleep get in the way of experiencing the new sights how we want to. With my upcoming overseas trips coming up we felt that talking sleep during travel…how to get it, keep it, and make it better would be great to talk about today!!

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Maybe you’ll remember this post from last November, where we talked all about how to achieve REM sleep. There were a few great tidbits that I want to make sure we mention in this post because they’re applicable to sleep no matter where you’re getting it.

  • Keep it consistentHealthline notes that “one study claimed that participants who had irregular sleeping patterns and went to bed late on the weekends reported poor sleep.” Their solution to this? Go to bed and wake up at similar times every night, to help balance your body out. Keep this up while traveling, even when it’s hard, to get your body in a proper sleep pattern.
  • Put down the deviceThis one is kind of a given, but the Better Sleep Council reminds us to stay away from that lurking blue-light before going to bed. “The lighting from electronics actually stimulates your brain while you’re trying to sleep and wakes you up,” they advise.
  • Rise and shineAccording to the Better Sleep Council, waking up to natural light helps the circadian rhythm of your body throughout the day. “Try getting daily sunlight exposure,” they suggest. “Or — if this is not practical — invest in an artificial bright-light device or bulbs.” The good news is when you’re on planes, trains, and automobiles…you don’t really have a choice in this matter. But I think this is really important in hotel rooms too when we’re tempted to take advantage of those blackout curtains. When you wake up in a hotel, try and immediately open the curtains to take full advantage of the health benefits associated with sunlight.
sleep tips, sleep hacks, jet lag tips, jet lag hacks, how to beat jet lag, jet lag tips, sleeping while traveling, how to get better sleep while traveling, how to get over jet lag, jet lag accessories, sleep accessories


Some of my two least favorite words! Jet lag can be sooooo hard to get over and can put a real damper on any trip. Though I have a few pointers, I’m no expert, so I did consult some experts who have published their findings in a few different articles. Want more reading material about this topic? Check out my resources here:

  • 13 easy things you can do to beat jet lag, according to experts — Business Insider
  • How to Cope With Jet Lag — WebMD
  • How to get over jet lag: 14 tips for beating timezone tiredness — SkyScanner


Get up and walk around periodically, and stretch on long flights. Once you land moving is important too, but remember that exercise will wake you up, so try not to do any strenuous activity right before bed.


Especially if you’re changing time zones, and your bedtime is changing, try to avoid caffeine 12-24 hours before your travels. If this is impossible for you (which it might be for me), at least try to cut the caffeine 12 hours before your new scheduled bedtime.


This one seems obvious, but something we often forget along with this tip is to avoid alcohol if you know you’ll be combatting jet lag. This dehydrates the body, making jet lag symptoms worse.

Cutting alcohol and still not getting the proper amount of fluids? Try these packets from Liquid I.V. These packets of electrolyte powder act as hydration multipliers, and can be added to any drink.


Remember our tip about sunlight from earlier? Well according to SkyScanner, we were right on the money. They advise opting for a flight that arrives in daylight when possible. This will make it easier to stay awake once you land, and get back on a normal schedule.


Even if you’re eating dinner at 11 a.m.–try and eat 3 meals a day according to your new time zone once you land from a long flight. Getting used to eating three meals on a schedule will help regulate your body.

Now on to a topic a little more fun…pajamas and sleep accessories.



ESPECIALLY when traveling, these are so important! I know for a lot of people, sleep masks can feel odd at first. For me, it took some time before I was fully comfortable with them.

But when traveling, these masks can be so important if you’re easily woken up by lights (and let’s face it…who’s not?!) Though they might be hard to get used to at first, I definitely think they’re worth it in the long run…because better sleep = a better trip for everyone!

There are so many of these masks that I love. I’m immediately drawn to this satin mask from Norstrom because I just love the feeling of the cold satin material when I’m in a stuffy airplane or hotel room.

But I also love this find from Amazon, which totally blocks out any peripheral disruptions. Sure you might look a little funny…but you’ll be getting better sleep than anyone else!

Another favorite is this adorable yellow patterned mask and pillow combo–which would also make for a perfect gift.

SheShe of the SheShe Show wearing leopard pj's on lake balcony in Austin
SheShe of the SheShe Show wearing leopard pj's on lake balcony in Austin


I know that we are all different in what we sleep in if anything at all, but for me, I wear pajamas and they must be soft and keep me cool in order for me to get a good night’s sleep. I especially love Soma Intimates Cool Nights® Collection pajamas that I am wearing in the next few photos.

This group of sleepwear uses a special technology for its super-soft signature fabric that’s known for its drape, softness, and stretch. It also stays cool against your skin, no matter what the temperature is in your home. Norman wants the thermostat at 75 degrees at night and I want it at 70 degrees. Cool Night’s definitely helps my personal thermostat.

SheShe of the SheShe Show wearing 2 pc Soma pajama set sitting on bathtub

Have you ever thought about using your pajamas as streetwear? Well, I have worn the black tank below layered under several looks as of lately. The pajama pants below would also be so cozy worn with an oversized sweater.

SheShe of the SheShe Show wearing Soma pajamas worn also streetstyle with blazer


Some other things I love about their pj’s is that I can mix and match as I did in the photos below. Try buying a sold colored set and a print set and mix it up. I also love all of the options in styles because I can wear long pants when just lounging and the shorts for sleeping. Beautiful matching robes too.

Soma has been knocking it out of the park in recent years with all kinds of innovative technology that is so needed in the intimates world. You should also check out their latest in bra technology. I am obsessed with their latest 360 Vanishing Bra. If you have pink tones in your skin then choose the new Adobe Rose color. It will blend with your skin so well.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s information-packed article. Let us know which tips you’re using in the comments below…and where you’ll be en-route to when you use them!


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