Our Top Wardrobe Basics + Checklist | Part Two

Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a black moto jacket over faux leather leggings and black sneakers

We have been through the basics for tops, sweaters, dresses, and bottoms. Now today we are going to show you all of our top boots, shoes, and outerwear. One of the best things about your basic footwear is that most of them can be used year-round. Below are our picks for footwear and outerwear!

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In case you missed last week we posted part one that includes the free Wardrobe Basics Checklist download then you can catch up here!


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For your boots, booties, and shoes just like all other basics you’re going to want to go with neutral colors and clean styles. A starter for your closet is the standard black/nude pump. These are great investment pieces, so this is where you can splurge a little. Well, known Christian Louboutin is perfect for the look and definitely for comfort. Jessica Simpson and Sam Edelman are great for a budget-friendly version. As far as determining heel size go with what you like! If you like a low heel that is just fine too, you want to remember that with basics they should be more comfortable as you will keep them for a while and wear them often. Boots and booties are the same – you want a black and brown pair! To get the most out of your choices make sure you can wear most of these with jeans and also wear in the office or dinner parties.







As mentioned earlier with boots and shoes go for neutrals and timeless pieces. A good camel trench coat is perfect and a staple for every woman’s closet. This iconic trench is one of my all-time favorites. If it is not in your budget here is one designer inspired that is budget-friendly!



Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a burgundy leather moto jacket over classic black pants and snakeskin booties




Everything goes back to the basics! In our closets all of our essentials to build our wardrobe start with the basics! Remember that while these pieces can seem pricey, they are worth the investment. Longevity and versatility are what the basics are all about!


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  1. Kim wrote:

    Neat list… I’ve been in the market for some good flats but haven’t found the perfect ones yet. Too pointy, too this, too that… Maybe I’m too picky but I might check the ones you’ve recommended. 🙂

    Posted 10.22.19 Reply
    • shereefrede@gmail.com wrote:

      I totally understand! I have the hardest foot to fit in any shoe so I am picky too! Good luck! Thanks for your comment as I always appreciate my readers thoughts!

      Posted 10.23.19 Reply
  2. Frances W. Tierney wrote:

    Sheree, Wonderful advice on building a wardrobe foundation on classic basics & neutral colors. Conversely, I love how you’ll throw an unexpected color into the mix, like that gorgeous purple leather moto jacket. Style on, girlfriend!

    Posted 10.24.19 Reply
    • shereefrede@gmail.com wrote:

      Thanks, Frances! I have wanted to post this for 3 years. I did 3 parts so did you see the other 2? There is also a printable checklist that you can print and carry with you or post in your closet.

      Posted 10.29.19 Reply