Betty Crocker Holiday Baking | Brittle Mix Brownie

This post is sponsored by Betty Crocker. All opinions remain my own. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS sweet friends! Yes, SheShe is back in the kitchen with my favorite baking recipes from Betty Crocker. It is the time of the year when even a girl like me that doesn’t like to cook will get in the kitchen and bake something during the holidays. Today we are sharing a delicious new Betty Crocker Brownie – Brittle Mix that is super easy and will impress anyone that takes just one bite.


Betty Crocker has been a trusted source for the modern woman or man for over a century now. Betty Crocker believes making food for others is the best way to connect and show we care.

I love it when Betty Crocker makes easy tasty mixes because it makes me feel good when I share something that I have made. If you missed our previous easy Betty Crocker posts then go here for Chilled Treats that are really refreshing in the summer and you can also check out the Mug Treats made in the microwave that is awesome. My family and friends just about faint when they are served something that I have made from Betty Crocker.


Do you love something crunchie as I do? Well, the Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes are so good and gives me the satisfaction of the crunch! This new mix is perfect for getting delicious brittle at home, without sacrificing the flavor or the crunch!

Again, Betty Crocker gives you everything you need in one package, so there is no need to buy extra ingredients or toppings as the store. This mix comes in 3 yummy flavors Peanut, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the Brownie, but today we decided to make the Brittle Mix – Brownie, because who doesn’t love a brownie flavor……right? I am personally saving the Peanut Brittle Mix for later to serve for my bunco night coming soon. I think that it will be my favorite.

These brittle mixes provide a thin and crunchy twist on your favorite flavors, so you can easily delight and surprise your guests. My guest will be blown away that I made this awesome treat! Should I tell them my secret? Also, these treats are perfect for your kids or grandkids. It is a recipe that they can actually help you make.


Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes don’t require the use of endless bowls or baking pans to prepare so you won’t be in the kitchen forever. Trust me on this one, I hate the cleanup too but with this mix, there is little of that. All you need for this product is a medium-size bowl, 1 stick butter, spoon or fork for mixing but I prefer using my hands and an 11 X 12-inch rectangle ungreased cookie sheet. (about 1/8-inch thick)

  • PREHEAT your oven to 375 degrees to 350 degrees if using a non-stick pan.
  • STIR BRITTLE – MIX BROWNIE and butter until dough forms. (Dough may be stiff and need to be blended with hands.
Betty Crocker Brittle Mix formed into a dough ball
  • PRESS brownie brittle dough into a cookie sheet. 
  • BAKE 10 to 13 minutes or until edges are firm. Cool completely on the pan (about 30 minutes). Remove brittle from pan.
Sheree of the SheShe Show at the oven wearing a mit, showing final brittle out of the oven
Betty Crocker Brittle Mix with a plate of Brittle Brownie Mix just out of the oven
  • BREAK into pieces. Store in an airtight container


I am constantly looking for the perfect treat to take to a party or to give as a gift. Betty Crocker Brittle Mixes allows me to make a surprising, homemade. brittle for all of my loved ones, without any of the hassle. Now that is SheShe Style!! YES!! 


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