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Well, here we are again and so thankful! We are truly happy 2020 is here!! It seems like yesterday we started SheShe Show but as of today, we are 6 years old. We first started with a YouTube channel but evolved into a blog and Instagram. Oh, what a journey…… I have shared my New Year resolutions and report card every year for a few years now. As you will see most of my resolutions are the same every year with a little bit of tweaking. Have you stuck to yours? Follow along as we report on our 2019 New Years’ resolutions and report card and what I will add to my list.


Norman and I had a discussion last year that goals and punch lists are different from resolutions. So here is the definition of resolution in the dictionary.

  • A firm decision to do or not to do something.

So, yes, the following are resolutions. They are my firm decisions that I am going to do or attempt to do in 2020. So here we go on this New Years Day…..drum roll again please…..

Stay close to God. Grade | B last year but slipped to a C

I continue to read my daily devotional and but it seems I am missing too many days lately. Arrow prayers are daily, but so much room to grow. I just need to keep the world from interfering. Being a blogger, the world gets big and in the way, so I need to keep focused on the one who brought me!! My grade has slipped some and it disappoints me greatly. I have already made a firm commitment to getting an A in 2020. The way I believe is without God I have nothing!!

Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a black sweater set over black crop pants

Continue to learn about social media as it relates to sharing my fashion/travel & lifestyle blog. Grade | A-last year… A-this year.

Still giving myself a good grade year but maybe slipped a little on this one. As soon as I hear about something new I try to find someone to teach it to me and there is always something to learn. I wanted to learn more about how to edit videos this year but instead, I hired it out. I still need to learn it myself.

 Exercise at least 3 to 4 days a week doing a mix of Pilates, yoga, weights, and different cardio activities. Grade C

I moved back from a B to a C on this one. I blame all of the travel that I have done this year that has caused me to slip. I have committed to not do as much travel this year so I can keep up with a regular exercise routine and other reasons. I still love my Club Pilates With my erratic schedule, their program really works for me when I can get there!

Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a black sweater set over black crop pants

Be loving, considerate, and patient with my husband, friends, and family. Grade | B +

Overall I think that I have remained the same on this one. It is known that friends and family can disappoint. We cannot control what they do but I for sure can control my attitudes and actions. Of course, I still have feelings but I decided to not harp on things that I cannot change. I am still having to work very hard to be patient with my husband. He can be the sweetest man on the planet but there is something about aging that causes them to get cranky as they get older. There again, I need to learn to not engage when he is in a crabby mood because it does no good. Always a challenge but I am constantly working on it. I knew what I signed up for over 26 years ago so I am in it for the long haul.

Once a week clean out and reorganize one drawer or cabinet in my house. It is time to purge!!! Grade | A- last year A this year!

I did good this year. Last January we had Mind Your Mess (a 2 girl organization team) come to my house and re-organize my office. I cannot believe how much stuff we threw out. I am not a hoarder but I keep a lot of unnecessary stuff. They really help me gain a new perspective and now I want to do my closet. The older I get the less I want all the stuff.

Take a big trip somewhere out of the country every year!!  Grade | B but back to an A

I had a full year of travel. In fact, it was too much. I must find some balance in 2020. I am exhausted as I am currently on another trip. I have some great reviews on Sonoma, CA, Coastal Mississippi, Italy, Paris, Memphis, and (coming soon) Quebec? I could not pick a favorite because I loved every minute of exploring each of these areas of our world.

I want to sell a property in Montrose, CO and reinvest into a beachfront home.
Grade |
B but went up to an A-

After 2 years we finally sold one of my old historic buildings in Montrose, CO. and I invested a little of that money into our new home on Sanibel Island, Fla. We totally gutted the Master Bathroom and recovered some furniture and bought some new furniture. This coming summer I plan to remodel the kitchen.

Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a black sweater set over black crop pants

Stay Close To My Tennessee Roots
Grade |
B Moved up to an A

My new beach house has already been so good for hosting my sisters and other friends and family. I had the best time last January with my Tennessee family and we are planning another trip soon. They love the beach and really love shelling as much as I do!  I also love spending a week in Tennessee around Thanksgiving. This year was a blast!

Create & Design my own brand of fashion & lifestyle products.
Grade | F
…… still failing at this one.

I am not looking to be a big name designer, but the industry is changing and even at over 64 years old, I see an opportunity to fulfill a dream, even if it is just a cell phone case or T-Shirt. Stay tuned….we will see….. I have many ideas but my other blog work is a time sucker and prevents me from working on this project. I have not given up this dream…….maybe 2020?


Hire an intern/assistant so SheShe Show can focus on creative work. A

YEAH…… a dream fulfilled…..I finally hired a full-time assistant for SheShe Show. She came on in April and is continuing to grow with SheShe Show. Francesca is a single mom at 26 years old. Having her is such a huge help and also gives me a chance to mentor her.

Finish decorating my office. I started it this year but stalled out so now trying to finish it up. A

YEP, got it done and organized at the same time. I love my space where I spend a lot of time working on projects for SheShe Show. I will share the re-do a little later.


  • Hire Mind Your Mess to Organize My Closet.
  • Find a balance with work and personal time doing fewer trips and only taking work that reflects what our brand is really about.
  • Drink more water and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. That means getting to bed earlier for that to happen.
  • Do more YouTube segments
Sheree of the SheShe Show wearing a black sweater set over black crop pants


So there you have it. I am putting it out there once again and I am ok if you hold me accountable. There are so many things that I could do better and improve on, but I want to make my list achievable. We will see when we look at our new year resolutions again next year at this same time. 

Now friends, turn around and look ahead. That’s why we are so happy and excited! A new chance! Work as if everything depends on your diligence and trust in the blessings of the Lord to bring success. We look forward to sharing this great New Year 2020 with all of you!

We would love to know some of your resolutions. Just leave at least one of yours in the comment box below. It would be fun for us to read.   May God Bless you all in the coming year. Thanks for following the SheShe Show. We could not continue on without your support.





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