How to Recharge Your Battery

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Every time a new year rolls around, we tend to make tons of goals and plans for the future and promise ourselves this will the best year yet. In this post, we are giving you ways to recharge your battery.

Between getting all the work done, eating healthy, making time for everyone around us, working out, keeping the house together, and running ALL the errands…it can be hard to keep all those promises you’ve made to yourself while maintaining a positive outlook on life.

So how can you recharge your battery when you’re feeling rundown?

We’ve put together a few ideas below, all about giving yourself that break OR energy boost. Take a look at these ideas, and give us your ideas in the comments below.

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Read a book

Reading a good book is such an escape to me, and I have a feeling a lot of you feel this way too. Although there are a TON of great motivational books to learn about improving your life…I would actually recommend a fictional book.

Reading a fictional book helps you escape your own worries or responsibilities, and lose yourself in the world for another. Of course, this can also be achieved by movies and TV, but reading books is far better on your eyes than the blue-light and stimulation of the screens.

Need some book recommendations? Check out this blog post from 2019.

Stretch your body

We talked about stretching in this post from last week to relieve tension in your body. BUT combining stretching with walking or other types of movement can actually help increase circulation… which will definitely wake you up and change up the normal rhythm of your body.

“Good circulation is essential for energy because blood transports oxygen and nutrients―fuel for the cells―to the muscles, brain, etc.” (Real Simple)

I love the idea of trying some stretches or yoga poses you haven’t tried before, to reinvigorate your whole body.

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Take a dance break

And if you’re really looking for a way to increase circulation…what better way than to dance?!

I actually do this allll the time when I need some energy in the morning (or any time of day, to be honest). Need some music inspiration? Check out this “Mood Booster” playlist on Spotify.

Even if this isn’t something you’re used to, dancing gets you OUT of your comfort zone AND increases endorphins. Win-win!

Unplug the devices

This is a given, isn’t it? We’ve all heard it a million times–constantly being around screens leads to alllll the health issues AND often leaves us feeling stressed or even worse–insecure.

I love this app called Moment, which tracks your screen time and gives you suggestions on how to cut-down in certain areas.

If you’re like me and often get caught in the endless scroll on Instagram, try setting a timer to track how long you’ve spent.

Eat complex carbohydrates

Wanting to recharge your battery by getting even more energy? Make your snacks work for you!

Instead of munching on those midday vending machine goodies (although I do love these, specifically hot Cheetos) “eat some fruits, vegetables, and other whole-grain products to fuel your mind and body for the rest of the day.” (Inc.)

Need some ideas for whole-grain snacks? Try whole-wheat toast, oatmeal (or oatmeal balls like these) and brown rice.

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Get some sun

Now I realize, this can be hard sometimes. BUT getting some Vitamin D can be the ultimate energy booster. And it’s all-natural!

For those of you who don’t live in Texas, where it seems impossible to escape the sun, check out these Vitamin-D-rich foods (courtesy of Healthline).

  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Egg yolks
  • Mushrooms
  • Sardines

Of course, there are plenty of foods that can give you energy (like the complex carbs we listed earlier), but these are specifically rich in this Delightful vitamin. See what I did there? 😉 Want to learn more? Check out this breakdown on Vitamin D below.

“Vitamin D is vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels, new research from Newcastle University has shown…Examining this small group of patients with vitamin D deficiency who experienced symptoms of muscle fatigue, we found that those with very low vitamin D levels improved their muscle efficiency significantly when their vitamin D levels were improved.” (Newcastle University)

Phone a friend

This one might be a given, but I did want to throw it in here. Phoning a friend or family member can automatically give me energy when I’m feeling burned out.

Talking about old memories, laughing about experiences you’ve shared, and even fully investing in someone else’s life for just a few minutes–this is almost guaranteed to turn your day around.

How are you recharging your battery this week?


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  1. My battery is so low… I am sharing this because literally EVERY tip you gave on this blog resonates with me!! Even the first one – reading is my favorite.

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