What To Wear | Valentine’s Day 2020

Collage of Valentine's Day outfits

Top Left

Red Jacket // Black bow blouse // White top with hearts // Black Gucci Bag // Black pant // Red bow mule // Black stud earring

Top Right

Black jacket // Gucci sneakers // Red handkerchief hem skirt // Red shoulder bag // Heart earrings //

Bottom Left

Red silk camisole // Black floral skirt // Red crossbody // Black strappy sandal // Black earring // Black bootie

Bottom Right

White heart sweater // Black jeans // Heart earrings // Gucci belt // Red heart handbag

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am already picking my outfits! Today is about what to wear whether you’re feeling a casual look or full-on GLAM! We have you covered ladies!

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1. Glam for Valentine’s Day

This look is seriously gorgeous. I was debating on this or a dress and then I remembered men love strong, sophisticated, self-sufficient women, which is exactly how I feel in a power suit. So why not rock this seductive look for my hubby on Valentine’s Day? It’s perfect.

2. Fun and Flirty Valentine’s Day

This look is DEFINITELY on the fun side! But look at those adorable little kisses and cute kicks! For sure perfect for running around during the day!

3. Romantic and Feminine for Valentine’s

This look could go for day OR night. adding a blazer would help transition it straight to a candlelit dinner.

4.Chic and Cozy for Valentine’s Day

This look is perfect for a quiet night between the two of you or even a Galentine’s get together. There’s something so romantic about this simple look. Maybe it’s because it’s perfect to snuggle in? It could also be considered super cute hanging out with your gal pals.

I love dressing this time of yours because it allows me to step up or step out of the winter doldrums!!



  • I am putting my sisters on a flight today at one airport and picking up Norman at another airport. We will spend another week here on Sanibel, watch the Super Bowl and maybe do some fishing in the bay. The weather is really nice here right now.
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