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Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print romper

Nothing feels greater than soaking up the sun! While doing so, we feel as if we are taking time for ourselves. In the moment of relaxing and listening to the waves we can forget to take care of what covers our bodies the most, our skin. This blog will feature fabulous ways to protect your skin and some great skincare tips to keep your skin looking younger and protected with UPF clothing.

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT LIVING HERE!! We can enjoy the beautiful outdoors and protect our skin at the same time. Read the facts so that you know how to protect yourself while living your life from one of the most deadly cancers. The risks of no protection is clearly a risk to a deadly cancer called Melanoma.

What is Melanoma? For those of you who haven’t heard about melanoma- this is a tumor of melanin-forming cells that could lead to skin cancer if not treated right away. This will only become cancerous when the cells in the body begin to grow out of control.


Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print romper
Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print romper
Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print romper



  1. This is a skin cancer that can easily spread compared to other skin cancer
  2. Fastest Growing Cancer in the US and worldwide
  3. Melanoma often starts out as a mole and can be removed if treated early.
  4. Risk factors for melanoma include fair complexion, family history, severe sunburns as a child, and using a tanning bed ten times a year or more before age 30.
  5. One person dies of melanoma every single hour of every single hour of every day.
  6. An estimated 10,000 plus people will die of melanoma this year
  7. More people die of tanning than develop lung cancer due to smoking.
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show on a small white boat wearing a black unisuit
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show on a small white boat wearing a black unisuit
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show on a small white boat wearing a black unisuit


My Personal Experience

First of all, I am the poster child for over exposure to the sun and that damage showed it’s ugly head about 10 years ago. ( read a previous post about my young life in the sun ) About 10 years ago on a routine visit to my dermatologist, my doctor discovered a mole on my back that looked a little suspicious. She removed the mole and had it sent off and to her surprise it was classified in the pre-melanoma stage, therefore more margins around the mole had to be cut out. As I dodged that one, my level of concern for future diagnosis was greatly raised. I see my doctor every year and I constantly check for unusual moles.

Also, my father was diagnosed with melanoma from a mole on his forearm. They got it all…. thank God!! Did you know that there is a genetic link that can be passed down to children? I guess I got it. That is another reason that I am over cautious these days.

Finally, Norman, my husband was diagnosed with melanoma on his back about 7 years ago. Two years before he was diagnosed I saw the mole and told him it looked a little strange and he should have it checked out by his doctor. It is a miracle that the cancer had not spread into his lymph nodes and other places. That is when it can become deadly and could be very difficult at that point to get cured. He has been cancer free since. Another close call!!!

Below is some great information for you know to know. Be sure to start educating at a very young age. We didn’t have all of this knowledge when I was growing up.

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show on diving board  wearing an aqua 2 piece swimsuit

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The best ways to lower the risk of non-melanoma skin cancers:

  1. Avoid intense sunlight for long periods of time and to practice sun safety (i.e.: look for sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection with at least a 30 SPF ).
  2. Wear a brimmed hat. Understand that reflections can still damage your skin.
  3. Wear sunglasses. The UV rays can damage you eyes over time.
  4. Wear protective clothing. ( a cotton t shirt only gives about 5 UV protection )
  5. Do not use a tanning bed!!! There are great options in applied tanning solutions that have improved so much from previous years.

How can someone prevent melanoma? So before anyone can prevent it, make sure you are aware of the Signs and Symptoms of this case.  So notice if you have normal moles, better to be sure by  visiting your dermatologist and confirm if these are just moles. What they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Go to for more statistics.

What does UPF Mean?

We all know about SPF and the importance of it. So similar and just as important is UPF. I’m constantly posting about my UPF clothing and swimwear and how important it is, especially during the Spring/Summer when we spend more time in the sun. ”What does UPF+ mean?” you may ask. Well, worry no more we have exactly what it means and the benefits!

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It is a numerical rating given to clothing to indicate how effectively the fabric blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation. A UPF rating of 25 means that only 1/25th (or 4%) of the UV radiation can penetrate the fabric. Unlike SPF, which only expresses a sunscreens protective value in terms of limited wavelengths of light, UPF applies to a range of broad spectrum UVA and UVB radiation. The highest UPF rating a garment can be assigned is 50+. A piece in this range is determined as providing “excellent” protection from UV radiation.  Below is a chart for what the Australian and New Zealand Standard for the evaluation and classification of sun protective clothing is considered the benchmark of the industry. 

UPF Ratings and protection categories
UPF Ratings and protection categories

Factors to take in to consideration when picking out your UPF clothing:

Factors for choosing UPF clothing
Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print dress
Sheree Frede by swimming pool wearing a turquoise print dress

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Sheree Frede wearing a rash guard top while fishing in the bay

Ways To Protect Your Skin 

Now, I hope I haven’t grossed you out, but you need to know that the sun is wonderful but can be a dangerous weapon if not respected. Below are a few ways to practice a safe outdoor life.

  1. Wear UPF clothing-Enter Cabana Life, a lifestyle brand that is ever evolving to help us look good while protecting us from the harmful rays of the sun and giving us a way for us to play safe. We should all be wearing UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing when in the sun for extended periods.
  2. Wear an SPF 50 sunscreen or higher all over your body
  3. Reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours
  4. Wear sunglasses
  5. Wear a wide-brimmed hat
  6. Try to avoid the sun in the middle part of the day. The UV rays are strongest between 11 am and 4 pm.
Sheree Frede twirling in a mid lenght multi colored stripe dress
Sheree Frede twirling in a mid lenght multi colored stripe dress
Sheree Frede twirling in a mid lenght multi colored stripe dress

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Why Choose UPF Clothing

So now you know what it is, now the question is why? Our skin is so precious and we tend to forget to protect it not only for aging reasons but also to prevent cancer. You don’t have to have skin cancer within your family health history to get it. Some skin cancers are genetic and some just happen. I have a dear friend that spent lots of time unprotected in the sun in her younger years and was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Here is a link to read her testimony.

Sunscreen is so wonderful and I encourage using it daily, as our hands and faces are so vulnerable and we do not even realize it. But, it can rub off, sweat off, water can cut the longevity in half. UPF clothing will not rub off, fade away and definitely cannot be applied incorrectly! It’s so much quicker and has a much more promising effect. So make sure to sunscreen up your exposed parts and throw on your UPF clothing and you’re ready to rock and roll!

About Cabana Life

Founded by Melissa Papock, Cabana Life is one part of her plan to educate men, women and children about the dangers of the deadly cancer called melanoma as well as partnering strategically with numerous non-profit organizations.

At the very young age of 26, Melissa was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. It is the most common cancer among women between the ages of 25 and 29. Through her journey she discovered that ordinary clothing was giving very little protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Her doctor informed her that there was protective clothing available, but she was so disappointed in what was on the market. Yuck!!! That is what motivated this fashionista to design a very colorful stylish line of swimwear and clothing, not just for survivors but for all of us and she calls it Cabana Life. Gotta love the name!!!

Did you know that this is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and I am so excited to partner with Cabana Life to share my sun protection story & give you $20 off your order of $100+ with code SHESHESHOW 

Where to Wear UPF Clothing

Wondering where exactly you could wear your UPF clothing? Everywhere! UPF clothing is not exclusive to just swimwear. Thankfully, it is becoming more and more popular so brands like Cabana Life are creating trendy and chic looks. From dresses, tops, bottoms, to jackets, UPF clothing is popping up everywhere so you can rock it anywhere and still protect your skin! In my younger years I was all about a cute tan and unfortunately abused my skin by being in the sun too much without protection. Now I have a home in Sanibel, Florida where I love to walk the beach and do a little shelling and we have a boat so imagine how much sun my skin is exposed to! Luckily, with Cabana Life I get to wear so many cute outfits that will help protect my skin looking good and enjoying the great outdoors.


Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we need to cherish it and protect it! Sitting on the beach is not the only time our skin is exposed to the damaging effects from the sun. UPF clothing is a wonderful way to protect it! Do make sure to apply sunscreen to your face, hands and any exposed areas! Enjoy what is yours but sure your are protecting the most precious organ on your body…..your skin.

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