Swimwear Guide For Over 40 | 2020

Sheree Frede by swimming pool in 2 photos, 1 piece swimsuit and hot pink print swimsuit coverup

Swimwear for over 40 does not need to be difficult or stressful! As we get older our bodies change and can make beach season uncomfortable because we hate how we feel in a swimsuit. Old ways of thinking once meant a “one piece suite looked like what grandma would wear, plain and unflattering. I love how swimsuit designers are finally creating styles that are perfect for our ever changing bodies and are really not maw-maw at all. Read below for my tips and my picks for swimwear for women over 40.

How To Plan Your Swimwear Shopping Experience

Sheree Frede of the SheSheSHow by swimming pool wearing a one pc black mesh swimsuit with scarf

First of all, put your best self under the horrible fluorescent lighting in the dressing rooms. Make sure to wear your makeup, fix your hair and get a spray tan. You know that spray tans give the appearance of looking slimmer. Think light expands and dark recedes.

My advice is to order your swimsuits online where you can try them on in the comfort of your own dressing area. Order 3 or 4 styles in 2 sizes and send back what doesn’t work. Make sure they offer free shipping and free returns. Don’t remove tags and return within the time period. It’s usually 30, 60 and sometimes 90 days. Make sure you know what the retailer’s return policies are before you order, especially when it comes to swimsuits.

Body Types

Hour Glass- An asymmetrical style would be so cute or any suit with cut-outs at the waist. Opt for bold colors and color blocking. Stay away from prints or mix and match.

Pear- The goal here is to give the allusion of balance taking the focus off the bottom and draw the eye to the top. Try ruffles, skinny straps or halter tops.

Rectangle- When you are built like this then you don’t have much of a shape, so let’s create some curves. Try ruffles, bows, strings, and embellishments on the top or the bottom. You can create the illusion of curves by choosing a suit that has a darker color in the waist area.

Inverted Triangle- So you don’t have boobs and your booty has blossomed. Don’t feel bad, this is a common figure type. First, don’t wear bandeau tops. It will flatten your girls more. Choose tops that will add volume like V-Cut tops, prints, ruffles, and bows.

Round- So you are full figured. Whatever you buy, try to stay away from tube style tops. Choose a suite with wider straps to give the girls more support and go with a high waist, solid and darker colors on the bottom.

Busty- Choose a swimsuit with wider straps and a built-in bra to support the girls. Also, a v-neckline helps minimize larger busts.

Small Bust- If you want to add a cup size to a small/petite bust, go for an underwire or padded top. Ruffles, embellishment or bold prints on top and solids on the bottom will give the illusion of a more balanced body.

UPF Swimwear

First of all, you guys must know by now that I am obsessed with protecting my skin from the sun and you should be too. My favorite brand that I turn to that is made with UPF is Cabana Life. They have really cute suits, rashguards, and coverups. I have been adding items from their collections for the last 4 years. Below are a few of my favorites that I currently own or on my wish list. Go here for much much more.

We recently did a comprehensive blog post all about skin cancer and ways to protect your skin. Go here to read the post.

black zipfront unisuit, tan wide brimmed hat


A one-piece does not always have to be boring, I have several of my own that are chic, sexy. and fun! The great thing about one-piece swimwear is that it can hide certain body features that we are not fond of. Often times one-piece suits can have too much tummy control and you find your arms bulging out and your back spilling out, there are actually several one-piece suits that are pretty and flattering.

The next suit I am wearing in the photos below has been a huge hit this year. It is super sexy with a sheer illusion that is also so flattering.

When shopping for your one I recommend sizing up, especially if you have a long torso! When choosing a one-piece do not just think about what you want to hide but also think about the features you do like! To elongate your legs a high cut swimsuit will do the trick! Be careful with the high cut leg suits, make sure they have modest seat coverage. For a little more coverage and tummy control go for something like the MiracleSuit , which has firm control. These suits lift, smooth, and contour your curves in the most flattering fashion. The list below is a few of my favorite one piece suits.

Colorful – This is the amazing Miraclesuit! It has ruching in the right places to mask the midriff bulge many of us get as we age. It is also made with UPF fabric and that’s a major plus for me.

Extra Support – Bustier ladies! How cute is this ? I love it and it has the support needed.

Classy – For a more simple look I love an easy yet classy black one-piece. This one is perfect and makes me feel like I’m ten pounds lighter. Did I mention it is a swimdress?!

More Coverage – Most one pieces have enough coverage but if you need just a tad more I currently have this suit by Cabana Life and it’s one of my most used and favorites. The fit is incredible, is a UPF suit and has a supportive bra cup.


Then there are swimsuits to prance around the pool in. I love the ruffle off the shoulder of these suits below.

hot pink off the shoulder one piece swimsuit, hot pink wide brimmed hat

Sheree Frede of the SheSheShow wearing a tropical print off the shoulder swimsuit


The two-piece can be scary sometimes, but fear not I have some great tips and suits for every woman and everybody! A lot of times we can steer clear of the two-piece as we get it confused with the bikini. The difference between the two is that the bikini is much smaller, has a lower rise, smaller strings (is stringier in general), and has less support. A two-piece has a higher rise, control, more support for the breasts, and definitely a better seat coverage.

To decide between a bikini or two-piece you must take into consideration your body type. If you feel comfortable in a teeny bikini more power to you, but also remember the message you want to portray to the world. Below is a list of a few of my favorite two pieces.

Sheree Frede of the SheSheSHow by swimming pool wearing white long lace swimsuit coverup over 2 pc swimsuit

Colorful – Aren’t you just loving this striped fun two piece? I sure am, especially with all of the details.

Larger Bust – For the larger bust this suit is amazing. Even goes up to size 3xl while still being classy and sexy!

Classy – There’s something so classy about gingham and kind of has that retro/vintage feel to it. This one is perfect to tune into your inner Marilyn.

More Coverage – For more coverage with a two-piece your best bet is to go high-waisted. You can even find some high-waisted with tummy control as well.


The tankini is definitely not my go to suit. If I’m not wanting a two piece but needing more coverage. then I prefer to do a rash guard and bottom. The reason for me not being the biggest fan of the tankini is because it’s supposed to mask and have coverage, but lift your arms or bend over and the tummy still shows! So, I prefer the longer tankini and ones that aren’t as tight. With that being said, there are a few cute ones that I am a fan of! I have also thrown in some swim dresses in case you too are not so big on the tankini but like the idea and want more coverage!

Sheree Frede of the SheSheSHow by swimming pool wearing a one pc purle and pink print swimsuit and hat

Colorful – Who says a tankini cannot be bright and fun? Well, here’s a super cute and fun tankini.

Classy – I think this is a gorgeous tankini. So fun and the peplum will help to create such a feminine figure.

More Coverage – This tankini looks more like a camisole, perfect to stay in your comfort zone.


Cover-ups are a must have for me! I enjoy going back to the resort for brunch or if I’m island hoping I can get off of the boat and throw on a cute cover-up and I’m ready to go anywhere. Cabana Life has managed to stay my favorite brand for cover-ups for years but I also love styling large scarves to create a cute coverup.

Sheree Frede of the SheSheSHow by swimming pool wearing white long black and white swimsuit coverup over

Sheree Frede of the SheSheSHow by swimming pool wearing white long lace swimsuit coverup over 2 pc swimsuit


I have just been introduced to another UPF clothing label that I am loving. Check out this cute coverup/dress below from Zaglife.com. The bright colors scream summer and vacation to me. Stay tuned a little later for more on this up and coming brand.

Sheree Frede by swimming pool in 2 photos, 1 piece swimsuit and hot pink print swimsuit coverup

Summer Accessories

For Summer accessories to complete your look keep coming back here for a WHOLE post about our top Summer accessories!

Pool Floats

For my pool floats I have added a few of my go-to’s this season. Have a peek and shop!

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