Canada Goose Coat + Similar One From Amazon

Sheree Frede in black canada goose jacket

Canada Goose has some of the best jackets and coats! The debate is, why invest? Today we are talking about that and the FAMOUS Amazon Coat. So, here you will have both high and budget-friendly coats that are comparable.

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Sheree Frede in black canada goose jacket

Canada Goose jackets are high dollar. Sitting at around $900 and up. I debated and debated on if before my trip to Canada last year. I am SO glad I invested!! This coat is like a body glove with room to breathe. Most Canada Goose jackets are insulated with 625-fill power Canadian white duck down and are temperature rated for 15 degrees to -5 degrees Fahrenheit. The luxury coat company refers to this temperature rating as “fundamental warmth fashioned for everyday use.” Whether or not a Canada Goose coat is worth the money really depends on you and exactly what you’re looking for.

Why Canada Goose?

I was so worried if I would be bound indoors because of the cold but with my Canada Goose coat, I was outdoors MOST of my stay. Most importantly, I was WARM! I would definitely say this coat is worth the investment as you can use it year after year.


Sheree Frede in black canada goose jacket

“The Amazon Coat” | Orolay

This coat has been so popular for a few years now. It’s very similar to the Canada Goose jacket. It’s made by Orolay and is around $100 and is now $50. Even if you don’t need the coat now, it’s worth the $50! It gives complete cold-weather protection, keeps you warm from heavy rain to freezing snow, a perfect outdoor coat for working, traveling, hiking, skiing, or any outdoor activities.

Duck Boots

A photo of black Sorel boots with fur

Snow/Duck boots are so warm and so fun! They have definitely been on the trends list this year. Here are the ones pictured by Sorel and if you’re the monogram kind of girl then these are super cute duck boots!

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Norman and I are in the country at our ranch this weekend. This is his happy place so I love being with him to experience the great outdoors and the country life. Can we just hit the pause button? It is located near Abilene and it started snowing here early this morning so we are holed up here with the fireplace burning and enjoying this change of pace. So nice!

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