Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show standing on stairs leading into private jet wearing a floral dress and big white hat!
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show standing on stairs leading into private jet wearing a floral dress and big white hat!

Happy Mother’s Day

It has been almost 4 years since I lost my mom and I can’t believe how fast time goes by. I do not have her to spend the day with or buy a gift for but I still feel so blessed that I have all of the wonderful memories. Today is all about a tribute to my sweet & beautiful mother and all of you beautiful souls that are moms to someone or maybe you are the best doggie mom.


Year after year, writing this post does not get easier. As hard as it is, somehow I find the words flowing through my fingertips to the keyboard and onto the screen without a doubt whether I should share my deepest feelings. There will be some of you who know exactly where I am coming from and then there will be some of you that haven’t experienced the loss of a parent or maybe haven’t had the greatest relationships with your mothers.


For me, my mom was the woman who set the example for what I have become today. I give her credit for the good stuff, certainly, not my bad crap did not come from her. She was a very hard worker and I can see how that translated into my life. I, myself as well as my 2 younger sisters have always had exceptional work ethics in the workplace as well in our homes. She took us to church so that we would have that Christian foundation that has continued through all of our lives. In my teenage years I remember shopping with her was always such a treat and she rarely denied me of being a fashionista. More than anything though and what I miss the most is that she was the glue.


On this Mother’s Day, I know that I will have some tearful moments, but just know that they are for the joy that I have in my heart knowing that I had the best that my mother could give me. That is all any one of us could ask for. Yes, mom, I still have my wings and love for flight. Your motherly instincts knew I needed those wings to fly. My tribute to you 

WHAT WILL YOUR TRIBUTE LOOK LIKE? If you are a mother, are you giving your children the best that you have? What will your legacy be? Something to think about, right?

Happy Mother’s Day




We are back on Sanibel Island and exhausted after a long day to get here. Norman thought he left his roll-on bag curbside in front of Fort Myers Airport. We spent hours making phone calls and filing reports. Neither one of us got much sleep, but the next morning the car service we used said they found it hidden between the back seats. Our prayers were answered for sure. He had his medications, checkbooks and lots of personaI paperwork that would have been so hard to replace. This is not the first time we have had similar issues so we had THE TALK this morning about how to be more mindful of all of our stuff, making checks all through our journey. Do you guys do things like this? 


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