Patio + Outdoor Must-Haves

A collage for friday faves on of patio + outdoor must-haves.

Patio season has officially arrived!! Does it ever really end? I don’t think so! With that being said it is time to update and refresh your patio. I am tackling my own currently, two actually! I will be sharing what I am purchasing for my patio and outdoor space with you today as well.

The Seton Patio

The Seton Set at Frontgate is what I finally decided on after MONTHS of searching and being quite indecisive! I love this set because it still has a classic feel while it also is modern. I decided to go with this Seton Chaise with Cushions for my loungers because I personally do not enjoy laying on wood, plastic, or anything else that heats up like no other come summer. Living in Houston pollen is a huge problem so we did not want to choose light cushions, but there were only 3 color options and the Snow color won out. I ordered covers to protect the fabrics during pollen season and when we are out of town. You know I love color so we will add some pillows to liven it all up.

Patio Furniture

Frontgate is my go-to for patio furniture and decor! One of the most important things when searching for patio furniture is quality! With patio furniture being out in the sun, rain, snow, etc., it lasts so much longer if it is of higher quality. So it is worth the investment. For a more budget-friendly patio, I HIGHLY suggest Target’s Patio selection. Target’s outdoor and patio sets are trending and aesthetically pleasing.

Decor and Accessories

Don’t forget about the decor and accessories! I like to keep everything neutral and then add color with decor. The colors you choose can be exchanged during the holiday seasons and transitioning seasons as well. Above we have our favorite things to spice up your outdoor areas. Little updates make a big impact!




The Patio Shop


  • Happy Hump Day! We are back on Sanibel and both Norman and I have had a slow start getting back on island time. We have been so tired but today was almost back to normal.


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