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Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a hot pink pant suit
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a hot pink pant suit
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a hot pink pant suit
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a hot pink pant suit

Today we are featuring all things for the lady boss! Women are such powerful beings and nothing feels better than looking like a lady boss! I feel feminine, smart, beautiful, strong, and like I can conquer anything I put my mind to. Read on for our top suits, blazers, power pumps, and more!!

Lady Boss Suit Sets

As far as the power suit goes, we are making it simple with these power suits. Express has a great selection of suit sets and the sizing is for everyone!

My suit is sold in separate pieces (top here, bottom here), and I must say the quality and feel are so luxurious. There is a fun story to this one…. I was at the Chico’s headquarters with my BFF Shauna (@chicover50) and we noticed this fabulous woman in a FABULOUS suit – turns out she is the CEO and President of Chico’s FAS, Molly Langenstin. Hers was luxe and rich white. I mentioned how stunning her suit was, she then told me it was a CHICO’S SUIT!!! Shauna and I were floored – we believed it was most definitely a high-end couture designer and boy we were wrong. They gifted me and Shauna this suit in PINK! The quality and texture of this suit are incredible and I for sure feel like a LADY BOSS in it! I am usually a size 6 but the size 4 jacket fit perfectly. I sized up on the pant as the 4 was too small for my curvy bootie, FYI.


I love a great blazer! These days there are so many, a few years ago they were trending and haven’t stopped!! This scuba blazer is for sure an investment piece but it is also a wardrobe basic and closet staple.


Dresses are easy and that is why I love them. I adore this black dress from White House Black Market and think a blazer paired with it is fabulous!! If you are like me and love color, then this pink Poplin Shirt Dress is the one.

Lady Boss Shoes


The Lady Boss Shop


Today is Father’s Day, so Happy Day to all of you dad’s out there. My dad passed away 14 years ago but it seems like last week. I still miss him so much. Sending a big hug and kiss to you dad…..I love you to the moon and back!!

This week has been full of catch up both work and home. We started another home remodel project by replacing countertops in our laundry room and outside loggia. It turned out great but still looks pretty lame because now we need to paint to pull it all together.


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