Travel Essentials + Tips

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show standing behind a Tahoe with bags
Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show standing behind a Tahoe with bags

Traveling has become popular again so we are sharing our travel essentials and tips! We have it all covered from accessory cases to water-resistant organizing bags and a few tips too! Read on below for more!


Packing Essentials

For packing, I pack EVERYTHING in a water-resistant bag. I will tell you a short story that will give you a new perspective on your belongings when traveling. Long ago, I was traveling and it had poured rain…with that being said, my suitcase sat on the tarmac for quite some time and when we landed, I received my luggage, got to the hotel, all of my belongings were SOAKED. That was the last time I have ever just simply packed my things. Also, when packing with bags it makes organized your looks easier as you can pack your entire look into one bag!

Techie Essentials

There are a few things that are a necessity to travel with!

Jewelry+Makeup & Accessories

I want to start by mentioning that you should NEVER, EVER, EVER put your precious and expensive jewelry in your checked luggage! EVER!! What if your luggage never arrives with you? There goes everything, this applies to just about anything with a high dollar value. Your best bet is to make sure it is in your carry-on. A travel tip from me to you is that if you are going on a not lengthy trip – wear REPLACEABLE jewelry. We have a whole blog you can read here about carefree traveling with fine jewelry. To keep your jewelry organized I love this jewelry case! To keep your valuables super safe, this jewelry case has a lock on it! Keep jewelry or important items locked away to add this to your essentials list!


I have quite the system when it comes to traveling and that includes my carry-on! I always carry a wrap for those chilly flights, this is a favorite of mine. Here is a budget-friendly one as well! With the times we are in, I also carry my own Santi-wipes. Also, a tote organizer is a must-have to keep from constantly shuffling and digging around in that never-ending carry-on. A water bottle is essential as well, we have this popular Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle.


Top Luggage Picks

I am a huge fan of Away’s luggage (shop here), but I also LOVE Tumi. Both brands are sturdy and reliable! So that means no busted wheels on those runs through the airport dodging missing a flight. When purchasing luggage do take into consideration that these should be investment pieces. You will use them year after year and they go through a pretty rough time through the travel process. Have you ever watched your luggage be launched into the underbelly? Quite scary! I always go for a hard shell too! For my carry-on, I do like this one by Tumi. You will see with Tumi’s carry-ons is how they have the top zipper which makes it easier when you need something out of it in the overhead bin.

The Travel Essentials Shop


So, Norman got a negative COVID result and of course, we were thanking God! I immediately got him booked on the first flight to Florida. He joined me in Key West Thursday morning so he was able to enjoy a couple of days eating, fishing, snorkeling, and more. Yesterday we drove back to Sanibel but the traffic was horrible so it took us 2 hours longer than it should have so by the time we got back we were worn out. Today is a day of rest. I will play catchup this week. It will be good to get back into my routine. Have a great day and a great week ahead! XO, SheShe

Have a wonderful day sweet friends!


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