Lovely Layers with Appleseed’s

Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan

We have been all about Appleseed’s lately and I am decking out my closet this season with some of their most FABULOUS pieces that are perfect for layering. Living in a state that does not get very cold and the weather is quite bipolar, it is a must to have pieces that you can add on to. Today we are featuring a few of their must-haves to keep you warm or toasty during the colder months!!

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Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan

Appleseed’s ®Classic Styles Rooted in New England

For over 70 years, Appleseed’s has provided quality timeless styles that customers have come to love. By blending timeless tailoring with modern fabrics they deliver classic styles with greater comfort and ease. It’s a way of dressing that’s always appropriate, always polished, always Appleseed’s. You will find sweaters that you can wear anytime, anywhere, any season. You can feel great and look amazing when you slip into a classically styled dress from Appleseed’s. Don’t forget a closet essential for any woman, a classic tee shirt from Appleseed’s will have you looking your best while feeling great! Whatever style you are looking for, Appleseed’s can offer you the size that fits. They offer a full assortment of Misses Clothing, as well as Petite Sizes, and Women’s Plus sizes.

Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan

Sizing Guide

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The Layers

Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan
Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan

Here in Texas, we do not really experience a real “winter”. Some days in December we will have cold temps, but normally we have what most states have in fall. With that being said, I have lots of layering pieces in my closet! Layering is so important during the cooler months because it may be freezing outside and cool in a restaurant and toasty by the fire at home. This means you can add layers or shed some! Appleseed’s has great turtlenecks, mocknecks, and of course, their jackets!

My Look

Sheree wearing purple Appleseed's Cardigan

Shop the entire look here!


Hi friends, we are having awesome weather in Houston. It was 45 at 10 am and by 2 pm it was 68 degrees. I got out and about yesterday doing some research for some more home decor which I love to love to do. When I got home I relaxed and watched a lot of football. My Tennessee Volunteers pulled out a tough win today so I was really happy. Norman’s Texas Longhorns are not doing good at all, so he was not happy. Winning is so much more fun than losing.

Today I will be at Hope Farms where I will be attending a Luncheon and Fashion Show sponsored by Neiman Marcus. The weather is going to be perfect once again. It should be a great day!

It’s almost a new week, so let’s make it great no matter what the weather!


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