The Gift of Security with MEDJET

Medjet medical transport membership

Getting nervous about getting ill, or hurt, or having your safety threatened while traveling abroad? I’m NOT stressed anymore, I now have a Medjet membership!

What is Medjet?

Metjet Horizon membership packet

Medjet is a “no brainer”, especially for seniors planning a trip.  Did you know that 1 in 30 trips end in a Medical Emergency? Did you know most travel insurance (or credit card travel coverages) will only get you to the “nearest adequate” hospital, NOT to one at home?  Medjet is a private air medical transport and travel security membership service for travelers which ensures that if a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, they don’t get stuck there. Medjet will transport them to their home hospital of choice. Without this service, you could pay $30,000 to $200,000 to get home. You can also tack on security benefits (MedjetHorizon Membership, which is what I got) and have 24/7 access to a crisis response line to call any time you feel threatened. We all read about natural disasters, violent crime, terrorism, people just disappearing…Medjet offers individual travelers like me corporate-level security response in the event of an emergency.  It’s total peace of mind.


Medjet arranges transfer to the member’s home hospital of choice – not just the closest hospital – regardless of whether it’s deemed “necessary.” Medjet’s family membership covers up to 2 adults and 5 dependents. Benefits apply to all members for all their travel, no matter whether they’re traveling together or apart, as long as they’re 150 miles from home and include a transfer companion. If a member ends up hospitalized in a foreign country, friends or family members can call Medjet to notify the team of their condition. Medjet’s team begins working out all the logistics, and keeps them updated Unlike a lot of insurance policies, Medjet has no adventure travel exclusions (great for families that ski, or like to ride mopeds on vacation) Medjet has no pre-existing condition exclusions for members under age 75. Over the age of 75 they do ask a few medical questions. Be sure to let family members know about any emergency membership programs you’re enrolled in, like Medjet, just in case they need to call on your behalf.


  1. Medjet is not travel insurance: it’s a protection supplement that travelers should purchase in addition to travel insurance. Should a traveler end up in the hospital, their hospital bills and medical expenses will likely be covered by travel or health (if traveling domestically) insurance. Travel insurance, however, typically only provides: “medically necessary transportation to the nearest hospital or appropriate facility following a covered illness or injury during your trip.” Medjet arranges air medical transfer to the member’s hospital of choice – not just the closest hospital – regardless of whether a transfer is deemed necessary: no claim forms, health questions or deductibles.
  2. Medjet does not provide point-of-injury rescue: they provide “bed to bed” transfer, i.e. the member has to already be hospitalized for Medjet to transfer them. If a traveler is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will transfer them to their hospital of choice from virtually anywhere in the world.

Medjet Memberships


Their primary medical transport membership is called MedjetAssist. It gets you moved home any time you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home. It comes in Short-Term or Annual Memberships (starting at $99). Annual memberships cover all the travel you do in the course of a year, and any single trip can last up to 90 consecutive days. For snowbirds, or those working or studying abroad, they have Expat180, Expat365, and Student/Faculty options that allow for extended stays abroad. Basically, anything you’re planning, they have a membership that can cover you!


In this day and time, it isn’t a bad idea to think about the “What If’s” as far as your security while traveling. I was so impressed by the higher level of membership offered by Medjet called MedjetHorizon. In addition to the medical transport benefits, MedjetHorizon members have 24/7 access to experienced, global security experts, for advice and in-country response teams to address a wide range of safety concerns and threats while traveling.  Some examples of things they deal with: Natural Disasters ~ Violent Crime ~ Terrorism ~ Kidnapping for Ransom ~ Political Threats ~ Disappearance  ~ Wrongful Detention ~ Blackmail and Extortion ~ Hijacking and more.

MedjetHorizon also provides members with access to a $60,000 emergency medical cash advance.  In most instances, hospitals abroad require you to pay your bill out-of-pocket, and then you are responsible for filing your claim with your insurance for reimbursement.  Medjet heard some hospitals abroad were demanding payment in cash, upfront, even in the emergency room, so added this cash-access benefit for their members.

Medjet Diamond

Since Norman is older than me, I was worried Medjet wouldn’t cover him.  But they offer Diamond Membership to individuals aged 75 to 84. Diamond Members have the same transfer benefits but are limited to one medical transport per membership year. For this membership, Medjet requires a brief health questionnaire and medical statement form to be completed. RULES and REGULATIONS

Don’t let these travel tips discourage you. Just prepare, follow basic guidelines to keep you safe, and use good judgment so that you can have a wonderful trip.

Medjet The Perfect Gift

Why gift Medjet? There are so many reasons why Medjet is the perfect gift for your loved ones. In the descriptions above you will find endless reasons why Medjet is great. I am traveling overseas at the beginning of the new year, so naturally, I had worries about my journey. With a Medjet membership I can keep those worries at bay having the peace of mind that if I were to get sick or need medical attention, Medjet would be sure to get me back home to my preferred doctor. If you have a travel lover or maybe someone special is going on a trip soon, Medjet is a thoughtful gift that will help your loved one travel with peace of mind as well.


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