Being SheShe brings a huge responsibility and I am definitely up to it!!  I love mixing the high and the low of fashion. My world is full of color where I have to force myself to wear black. I am not particularly materialistic, but I am so attracted to the luster, shine and the sparkle of jewels, being costume jewelry or fine jewelry.  Growing up I loved dressing up in my mother’s clothes and jewelry. I actually still have all of my grandmother’s and mother’s costume jewelry in my collection in addition to pieces I have collected over many years. I enjoyed designing and making many of my clothes in junior high and high school and I majored in Textiles and Clothing at the University of Tennessee.

In my 20’s, I took up modeling and was fortunate to model for many high end couture designers and commercial print jobs.

Realizing my modeling longevity, my love and curiosity for aviation and travel  led me to a job as a flight attendant and then to a commercial pilot license where I flew corporate jets for a living for several years. That is also where I met my husband, Norman. Stay tuned to follow that story on my blog. Even though I don’t fly any more for a living, I still love the adventures of travel.

Coming full circle, fashion has always been my first love. I eventually opened my own ladies clothing boutique (for 8 years), SheShe Boutique and Gallery, in Montrose, Colorado, layering more experiences in my fashion world.

Over the last 15 years I have designed and built 3 homes as well as re-modeled  2 historical commercial buildings and most recent my home in Houston. I have found that fashion trends and interiors go hand in hand which makes for exciting projects!

As I was completing another decade in life, I contemplated whats next, and hence entered blogging. Two things for sure, unlike my much younger blogger friends, I have endless life stories and fashion experiences to write about. The other thing for sure, is that I will always be re-inventing my looks and until the day I die and I will never leave my home without my earrings.

Who is SheShe?

SheShe sitting headshot smiling

She lives and loves life to its fullest, but down time alone is a treasure. She loves bright colors, the beach, decorating, pruning plants, hats, Barbies, gin martinis, collecting jewelry, but also enjoys quail hunting, fishing, watching college football and flying jet planes!


Staus: Married to Norman
Nickname: SheShe (go figure!)
Sign: Pieces
Mood: Fiesty
Hometown: Houston, Tx
Style: Eclectic…bright colors, bohemian, contemporary…just whatever fits my mood!

beach-sand-white dress- ruffle maxi dress-large straw hat- green straw palm tote bag-flowy scarf

Starbucks order: Grande non-fat latte. Hot or cold.
Pet: Miss Pippa – a Toy Fox Terrier
Biggest passion: My deep faith in God first and then fashion of course!
What is on my playlist? XM The Bridge, Top 20 hits and coffee house music.
My indulgence: Chips, chocolate and raw fish.
My favorite colors: Hot pink (really any pink), bright orange, turquoise and a bright yellow makes the list too.


The texture of bananas, snakes, needles, bullying, dieting, and cooking!

SheShe bikini cover with hat