Our Home During The Christmas Holidays 2017

Merry Christmas my sweet friends!. Welcome to our home in Houston, TX. We are so excited this year to bring you into our home during the Christmas holidays with a lot of new looks.

Last year we were in plastic and dust remodeling after 17 years without any updates until now. We barely were in our home, much less have a home decorated for Christmas. As I was getting our Christmas decorations out back in November, I realized that we were going to have to make some changes to make our living room and kitchen cohesive to appeal to the eye. I guess you know what that means. Ca-ching!! $$$$$ I called in my girl who helps me get this 12′ tree decorated and sent her on a mission. Norman about ..it! Now, that the house is all decorated, he has settled down and is enjoying it as much as I am.

We ditched my beloved red and green tartan plaid ribbon on the tree, mantle and end post on the stairs for a little cleaner look, since we are going to a more transitional contemporary style. You guys know how I love color, so I decided to add in the fuchsia and plum to coordinate with my fireplace side chairs and ottoman. We added great big balls in the new colors which started pulling it all together.

At first, my designer wanted to go with all white lights on the tree and I knew it was a NO GO….After we lit the colored lights, it was apparent that there could be no other option. We did stay with white lights on the mantle, stair railing and the stair end post.

I removed my large iron fireplace screen, so it seemed a little bare. I looked for a hot pink poinsettia but couldn’t find one, so I opted for colorful wrapped gift boxes for more color. I found my cool colorful paper at Hobby Lobby. I went there when I was sick as a dog with a sinus infection, but when I arrived at the gift wrap aisle, I some how started feeling better.

There was so much beautiful paper, bows, ribbon, tinsel and etc, that it made me feel so happy and I forgot just how bad I felt. I could have spent hours in the Christmas decoration department at Hobby Lobby. I also snagged 50% off. Yessss!!

We had our family dinner last Sunday, so I got out all of the good stuff that I only use once a year. It is like playing “house” when I was a little girl.

When Norman I were married, I chose to get the Spode “Christmas Rose” dishes instead of fine china. I already had 2 sets of china, so it didn’t make sense to get another set. This pattern has been discontinued, but you can still buy it through a great resource called Replacements. I have enjoyed my Christmas dishes so much over the last 24 years. It was a great decision.

We hope you have enjoyed your holiday tour in our home. It is a special time of year that I try to savor every moment of this season…..especially when I walk through the living room, turn on the Christmas music and the lights on this beautiful tree. Feeling blessed in so many ways.

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  • 3 days of shopping left….Hey, I am done with the exception of Norman, my husband. He just might not get a gift again this year. That sounds terrible, but he has everything. I am taking him out to dinner tonight to Under Belly restaurant in Houston. It is touted as one of the best restaurants in one of the top foodie cities in America. I hired a driver to drive us around to look at Christmas light after dinner. A big DATE NIGHT for SHESHE & NORMAN!!
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