Feeling Empowered | It’s My Birthday + International Women’s Day

Long white shirt over black bra by Soma Intimates & black leggings in master bedroom

I heard it’s My Birthday and International Women’s Day too. How in the world could I be so privileged to celebrate this awesome day selected just for women on my birthday? Double celebration….right? So how do I celebrate on this day? Feeling empowered more than ever I will celebrate in several ways

This post was sponsored by Soma Intimates. I received my bra and I was compensated.

How I Will Celebrate

  • First and foremost by thanking God that I am still alive to write this post on my 64th birthday. Every day is a gift and the older I get the more I am so aware of it.
  • Secondly, I am spending the weekend at Useppa Island Club in Southwest Florida. Since we now have a home on Sanibel Island and we like to boat, we decided to join this historical club about a 45-minute boat ride away. We will be exploring and learning all about it. You can follow along on Instagram Stories.
  • Third, I start out with bare basics and that is putting on a beautiful comfortable bra and panties from @somaintimates. When the “girls” are comfortable and in the right place, then we celebrate #underpowerforall. Our bras and panties are actually the foundation of dressing and without the right style, newest innovations, best fit and amazing comfort then our clothing and of course “the girls” don’t get the support that they deserve. Once I have it all right then everything else falls right into place giving me strength, confidence, spirit, and power to carry on my busy boss lady kind of day! 
  • I don’t know about you but I celebrate my birthday all month long. We head back to Houston on Monday and I will spend some time with some friends and my bestie “Miss Pippa”. If you have never had a pet that depends totally on you then you are missing one of the greatest relationships. I just wish they had longer lives. I can’t wait to hang out with this sweet girl. Just look at that face. (below)

International Women’s Day

Because this day falls on my birthday I have learned all about it. Celebrated mostly in Europe but now the movement has taken the US by a firestorm and growing rapidly around the world. Be sure to read this post from 2 years ago. It will explain how, where and why it was started. The following exert was taken from that post.

A Short Story

I want to tell you a little about my background and why the International Woman’s Day matters to me. In 1978 I was a flight attendant and was I was inspired by one of my roommates to learn how to fly an airplane. She just wasn’t any old roommate she was the 5th woman pilot hired by American Airlines. On many occasions, she would come in after a trip and tell us all kinds of stories about men reacting to her in the cockpit. Some stories were mostly funny ones but on occasion, she would really get demeaned and belittled unnecessarily. She really was a pioneer woman that had entered into what had always been a man’s world. They didn’t know how to react.

Fast forward 10 years, I finally decided to learn how to fly. Even in 1987, it was a rare sight to see a woman fly an airplane, especially in commercial aviation. By 1988 I had finished all of my ratings and was hired by a charter aviation company located at Hobby Airport in Houston, TX  Getting the job wasn’t that hard because at that time companies were really being watched to make sure they were hiring minorities. What was hard though, was proving to them that I was smart enough and capable of handling a complex aircraft. I always felt like I had to work harder than any of the other guys to prove that I was a safe competent pilot. I always felt like they were waiting for me to screw up so they could say “I told you so”.


So, you see, here we are almost 30 years later and yes it keeps getter better for women in the workplace, but it is going so slow. They say the gap will not close between men and women until 2186. What????? Why? Ladies, in everything that we do, we must “be bold and be strong”. There is no reason at all that we shouldn’t have the same opportunities and treated with the same respect as men. Today and always, we here at SheShe Show lift up all the fierce, bold women in the world trying to make their way! Never ever give up!!

Even without International Women’s Day, women are finally using their voice. I am woman, hear me roar!!

Long white shirt over black bra by Soma Intimates & black leggings playing with Toy Fox Terrier dog on the bed
Long white shirt over black bra by Soma Intimates & black leggings playing with Toy Fox Terrier dog on the bed
Long white shirt over black bra by Soma Intimates & black leggings playing with Toy Fox Terrier dog on the bed



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