Exodus tour group at Temple of Apollo

Welcome to Part 2 of my Greek Islands adventure sponsored by Exodus Adventure Travel. This trip took us to 3 of over 5 thousands Greek islands Santorini, Naxos and Paros. In case you missed Part I of my Greek adventure then you can see it here My Greek Adventure | Part I. You will explore this famous island by walking and trekking from Fira to Oia, Santorini. It was not for the weak but certainly doable if you are a good walker. If I can do it then I know you can do it. In this post, My Greek Islands Adventure Part 2, we leave Santorini and explore Naxos and Paros like you have never imagined.


We took the afternoon Ferry over to Naxos, Greece. It was just about 2 hours to Naxos from Santorini so when we arrived we had time to check into Aeolis Boutique Hotel and then get a tour of the quaint little town before dinner.

As we sailed into Naxos we had a beautiful view of the Apollo Temple (below) known as ‘the gateway to Naxos.’ I will share more about this temple a little later. Our bags were delivered to the hotel only minutes away from the main-town square, so we took a walk while and Thanos, our guide introduced us to this wonderful island. If you don’t care about the hype and glitz of Santorini, then stay on Naxos and enjoy the authentic Greek life at more affordable rates.

The Gateway of Naxos, The Temple of Apollo


After dinner we walked up the street to a suggested authentic Greek Restaurant, Mapu. Notice the decor in the photo below….. so authentic. I really felt like I was in another world. Being the more adventuresome eater than Shauna, I loved trying all the different Greek dishes. Shauna was happy to eat their fabulous and oh so fresh Greek salads. In their salads are vegetables grown locally and they change seasonally based on their growing seasons.

I love to eat the locally produced food, stay at boutique family owned hotels and shop local businesses because it brings income and opportunity to the destination community.


I loved Naxos in every way. We walked through the main town of Hora which is a Venetian Castello town. I was so intrigued by the local markets with its craft shops, chapels. Just take a look at everything in this general store. (photos below) Baskets, tools for sheep herders, local olive oils, candy, honey, jellies, household necessities, assorted cheeses and so much more.

Naxos general store

Just a short walk from Hora, on the islet of Palatia stands the impressive Portara, an ancient marble gateway and the entrance to the remains of the Temple of Apollo. If you love history then read all about the Gateway to Naxos here.

view of Temple of Apollo from main town
Temple of Apollo in Naxos. Greek Island of Naxos

In the summer the waters and beaches are full of visitors. Saint George Beach is a little over a 1/2 mile long and is the main beach of Naxos Town. It is located in a bay with shallow water that’s safe for children. The beach is fully organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, plus water sports facilities. The sand is soft and the water is azure, and you can see Paros across the sea. The southern end of the beach is popular with water sport enthusiasts, and lessons are available because of the shallow waters and ideal wind.

Lunch in town was so fun and I loved trying out all of the local foods especially the fish. How about these freshly caught octopus? (photo below)


Paros is just across from Naxos but the best way to get their is by a ferry. It only took us 40 minutes then we boarded a bus that took us to the heart of the island where we walked through the historical town of Lefkes where we visited the Castle and the Byzantine Cathedral of Ekatontapyliani.

Temple of Ekatontapiliani in Paros

Byzantine Cathedral of Ekatontapyliani Paros. Photo on the right is the oldest working Christian church and the oldest indoor baptismal font in the world. Side note- Baptism is from the neck down and babies need to be 1. When it was raided by Ottomans and islamics in 6th century AD, it wasn’t destroyed because they used it as a trough for their horses. So here it still stands.

Below photo is one of the most photographed churches in Greece. So of course Shauna and posed for a quick photo.

a most photographed Church in Paros


Just beyond Lefkes, we joined and Old Byzantine path that runs all the way to the east coast of Paros. The route is believed to be about 1,000 years old and used to traverse the entire island. We passed through beautiful Cycladic villages and mediaeval villages. Along the way we saw native plants, beautiful flowers, and picked up real white marble. Paros and Naxos are world renowned for their white marble.

Another beautiful photo op! Everywhere you look.

LUNCH ~ Prodromos ~ Maros Greek Restaurant

At the tailend of the Byzantine Trail we walked into the quaint village of Prodromos where we had the best home cooked meal at Maros Greek Restaurant. The owner Maria took very good care of us. She offered her local dishes that included lamb and I had the calamari. We were all so very hungry after our trek!! This adorable place was spot on!!

After a rest and a great lunch we walked a little further to meet up with our bus ride back to the ferry pier so we did not have to walk all the way back.


Today we discovered the most authentic part of Naxos, where picturesque villages and churches added substance to our walk. Here is where we saw grand views of one on the largest marble quarries in Greece. We also had some friends along the way. A family and children on a history lesson doing our same steps as well as our new furry donkey friend. I think that this walk was the most beautiful, serene and most historical of all of our treks. Also, known for its ancient olive and citrus groves this countryside was breathtakingly beautiful. We sampled the Loquat fruit which I thought was very tasty!

Naxion marbel quarry
Donkey on Traegea Trail

Naxos quarries were where the Italians and others had their famous statues made. Naxos unfinished sculptures were usually found near marble quarries. Many workshops were undertaking the creation of statues on behalf of wealthy residents. It is possible that the Kouros statue (below) was damaged during its transport, therefore, abandoned. The statue statue lays on the ground, at the exact spot where it was found by archaeologists. It is about 80 tons, 20′ long and dates back to the 7th century.

Can you guess what the next photo is? Well, it was the local laundromat back in the day. It was actually like a place where you could meet a new friend be a guy or a girl. Like the local hang out!

Old place where the locals washed their clothes

Above photo left is the Loquat fruit tree and a 600 year old olive tree on the right.


We took the Golden Star Ferry back to Athens/Rafina for another 6 hour ride. We had one evening left so our tour guide Thanos invited Shauna and I to have dinner in Athens. WOW, he chose the coolest restaurant located on restaurant row that has the most magnificent views of the Acropolis sitting high right above us. This was not part of the tour but you should have dinner there and also find a rooftop and sip on a nice cocktail while your imagination takes over. Spectacular!!

Sheree, Thanos and Shauna standing in front of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece


The Greek Islands of Santorini, Naxos and Paros did not disappoint….more than my expectations! It is hard to tell you everything about this trip, but I hope I have dangled that carrot enough that you will put the Greek Islands with Exodus Adventure Travels on your bucket list. Their experience and expertise is beyond exceptional with attention on history, nature, agriculture, delicious food, and the unique Greek culture.

For 50 years Exodus Adventure Travels has been the leader in active adventure and is known for “improving life through travel.” I feel grateful and blessed that my world just gets brighter with every travel experience and doing it the Exodus Adventure Travel way was beyond my wildest dreams. If you love adventure and travel then be sure to check out all of the other trips that they offer and start planning your own adventure now here.




This has been an active travel year so far and Shauna and I have 2 more trips coming up. That being said I will be sharing our recent Caribbean Cruise with Celebrity Cruises soon so stay tuned.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback!!



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