Weekend Wanderings | Creative Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care means making time for yourself and using that time to focus on YOU. Both in little ways and big ways, self-care is super important and can make a big impact on our lives.

Weekend Wanderings | 6 Secrets For The Perfect Staycation

I am in need of a good staycation after all this summer travel…so I figured you might be too. Enjoy these six secrets for the perfect staycation, right in your very own backyard!

UPF Clothing | Soaking Up the Sun Safely

Nothing feels greater than soaking up the sun! While doing so, we feel as if we are taking time for ourselves. In the moment of relaxing and listening to the waves we can forget to take care of what covers our bodies the most, our skin. This blog will feature fabulous ways to protect your skin and some great skincare tips to keep your skin looking younger and protected with UPF clothing.

Weekend Wanderings | Ways to Celebrate The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is already here! Today are giving you some tips for how to throw the best last-minute Fourth of July party.