5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

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If you’re like me, you like to change up your spaces! Whether it’s a new pillow or a new piece for my coffee table – I am always refreshing my spaces! Today we wanted to share with you 5 easy tips on refreshing your living room space!

1. Stay Budget Friendly | Change Your Accents

A great way to update your living room is to change out your accents! This is a wonderful way to refresh if your pocketbook is a little tight! That means new rugs, lamps, pillows, throws, or even a new piece of art! I love switching my accents when the seasons change or a holiday is nearing. Buying all new furniture is not the only way to get an update!

2. Add a New Coffee Table

Adding a new coffee table can change up your space quickly and effectively! Some food for thought is to even find a coffee table that is a different shape than most of your furniture. The traditional rectangle can get old – try a fun shape!

3. Pops of Color

I am a lover of color and ALL of my rooms are accessorized with color! If you are mostly neutral in your living space, this is a fun way to add some life without going overboard! I find that blue is a great color with all neutrals. Don’t forget that you can also LAYER your colors!

4. Reduce Visible Clutter

Clutter is stressful and never fun to look at in a space where you are trying to unwind! Consider a tv stand that has storage or a bar area is a great way to hide those unsightly things that haven’t a place to call home and you are not ready to part ways with.

5. Dress Your Windows

Updating your curtains or ADDING curtains if you haven’t already is a must! Thicker, luxurious drapes give a room a cozier vibe and sheer curtains make a room feel light and airy. Noting that, you can change the feel of your family room by simply switching out your curtains for new ones! Also, If you are in the neutral zone, this is a great way to add those pops of color, prints, and texture without it being “too much”.

Refresh Your Living Space

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  1. Great post! Definitely agree with the console. It has been an amazing addition to our living room and has all the kids’ crayons, papers, coloring books…it’s a ton.

    Posted 4.14.22 Reply