8 Ways To Stay Cool And Chic In Summer Heat

Sheree frede on sanibel beach during summer

Summer is here and the temps are only rising! This here has seemed like it’s been the hottest summer yet and it has been really difficult to stay cool this season. Today we are sharing with you 8 great ways to stay cool while looking chic!


Exfoliating your body is a must during summer. Fluffing off those dead skin cells gives your skin the opportunity to breathe and keeps your pores clean.

Slick Summer Hair

Our hair holds so much heat and it’s during times of triple-digit degrees that I appreciate my short bob! I recommend keeping cool and chic with a nice slick ponytail or hairstyle! By keeping your hair up and out of your face, you are giving your neck the opportunity to feel the breeze and keep cool. Slick hairstyles are also another fantastic way to avoid washing your hair as it may tend to get “greasier” from sweat and humidity. This wax stick is one of Amazon’s best-sellers.

Airy + Lightweight

Summer fashion is always best with light, flowy, airy pieces. I am a huge fan of linen during this time of year, for an elevated look, I love a flowy-tiered dress. One great thing about light and airy clothing is that you can easily layer over them if you do get indoors or chilly throughout the day.

Only Straw Hats

During the hotter months, you want to avoid fabric hats as they trap heat underneath them. Opt for a straw hat that allows the heat to dissipate while providing some shade. This is also a great way to protect your skin from the damage of UV rays.


Being hydrated is always important and so much more during the hotter months.

Let The Girls Breathe

Bras are never fun, am I right? Instead of choosing a padded bra – try an unlined bralette. This will give the girls more air and less discomfort with wires and thick fabrics.

UPF Clothing

Direct sunlight not only damages your skin but also raises your body temperature. UPF clothing blocks out a lot of UVs from penetrating your skin. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of sleeveless, but you can bet I am going for a shorter sleeve or sleeveless!

Avoid Metals + Heavy Jewelry

Metals and heavy jewelry are fabulous for making a fashion statement, but they are not good when your temperature starts rising. I am a huge accessory lover and I mean that in the manner of size and love for all accessories so I have a hard time not doing big chunky jewelry. I like to do a large earring since earrings really do not touch much of the skin and go minimal for the rest of my pieces whether it be a necklace or rings.

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