Fall 2022 Fashion Color Trends To Shop Now

Who’s ready for fall? I most certainly am here in Texas with triple-digit temps! This fall is going to be gr

eat for fashion lovers worldwide as we are seeing lots of beautiful colors and fun textures. Below I am sharing my favorite color trends for this fall!

Colors of Fall

fall trend 2022

This year we have a stunning palette for fall this year. Lots of rich colors and contrastingly bright/uplifting colors are flooding the fabrics of fashion. I love that we are seeing browns making a comeback. The color brown is a classic and carries so much sophistication without the harshness like its fellow friend black. If you have a hard time wearing black, brown is a great option as it is subtler and not as intense as black.

Out of all of the beautiful colors, one I am madly in love with and so excited to see is the Waterspout. How REFRESHING is this color for fall?! Pair it with brown and – YUMMY!!

Fall Blues

Blue is an appropriate color no matter what season or temps we are experiencing. I love that brown is trending again as well as these two colors pair really well together! Have you seen the sleeves and color of this bodysuit?!

Think Pink!

Pink will never go out of style in my book! I love all shades of pink – from pastel to vibrant magentas. Spring and summer are usually the seasons that we see a lot of pink and of course, around February. I have this pink skirt in black and brown as well, it is very flattering and a great fit for every body.

Give Me Greens

Green is such a rich color, this year we are seeing dark olives and a vibrant take on the emerald green!

Orange, Reds, & Yellows

Aaah, the color orange! Being a girl from Tennessee, I bleed orange! All of the bright shades of orange are perfect for transitioning into fall and the cooler months. If you are shy about colors – accessorize with orange and make a subtle statement. I am obsessed with this silky shirtdress and this top featuring all of fall’s trending colors!

Brown – The New Black

Brown is the new black. For me, black is such a harsh color and I do not wear it often. Brown is the much softer version and still ever so chic! This Good American Blazer and Chico’s dress is a yes for me this season!

Fall Fashion Trends


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