5 Travel Tips & Hacks by Laurie

Laurie and her piot husband sitting in the cockpit

5 Travel Tips and Hacks by Laurie. A couple of years ago I started following Laurie, @traveltipsbylaurie on Instagram. Her husband is a pilot for a major airline so having been a flight attendant, then a pilot, and now a travel blogger, I became very interested in her practical, usable, and sometimes hilarious travel tips and hacks. I asked her if she would be interested in writing a guest post for my readers and she said yes. So if you travel a lot or just every now and then, you will enjoy reading 5 Travel Tips and Hacks by Laurie.


Hi, new friends! These travel hacks will help you inside the airplane and while on vacation.

Travel Hack Number 1:

When you travel in an airplane, remember to open coffee creamers and salad dressing cups away from you because they splatter. My travel tip is never to wear white inside the airplane. Pack them to wear during your vacay.

As a pilot’s wife, we only pack in carry-on luggage since we most often fly on standby. When I first moved to Houston 8 years ago, I planned a trip for my mother-in-law to Waco but could not find any videos showing me things to do in Waco after seeing the Silos.

So after starting over from scratch 11 times, I uploaded my first YouTube video. Just last month viewers spent 133,000 hours watching my videos. Amazingly, the many mistakes I have learned in 20 years can help so many people!

If we have not met yet, come say hey on my YouTube channel or on Instagram where I share tips and tricks to help you “travel the globe without a worry in the world.” My friendly viewers share their travel tips as well because some of them travel more than I do!

packing a suitcase

Travel Hack Number 2:

Instead of packing a neck pillow, use a compression cube for a pillow on a long flight. A compression cube uses 2 zippers (no more vacuum needed) to compress your clothes into a solid form…kind of like a book.

Here is what I do that made me go viral on Instagram:

Pack 2 shirts, 2 pairs of undies and a pair of socks in one compression cube that fits in the bottom of my personal item bag that slides under the airplane seat.

IF the airline checks my carry-on suitcase last minute because there is no more room in overhead bins and then LOSE my luggage, I have a few days of outfits packed in my personal item bag.

Travel hack - a closet hanger clipped to draperies to secure

Travel Hack Number 3:

My favorite travel hack is number 3:

A flight attendant taught me this hack in one of my first videos. To keep the curtains closed in your hotel room, use the closet’s coat hanger.

Travel hack number 4:

To save space, pack makeup brushes in a zip-top bag instead of a cute and bulky hardshell makeup case. While enjoying your vacation paradise, stand the brushes in the hotel-provided glass mug.

Travel Hack Number 5:

Pack a few sticky notes in your carry-on bags. They will help:

*Cover the peephole.

*Cover the microwave bright light at night.

*Cover the clock radio bright lights at night.

*Cover the bright TV light.

Have you ever noticed how bright those lights are?

If you would like some free packing tip videos, start here: https://youtu.be/JRVgWztt0gA

Viewers asked my husband pilot questions about getting stuck in the airplane lavatory during turbulence in this video: https://youtu.be/Mch-OeZbUlA

Learn from me what NOT to wear inside the airplane by watching this video: 

Be sure to introduce yourself on my Instagram or YouTube Channel Travel Tips by Laurie!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/traveltipsbylaurie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/traveltipsbylaurie/

Sign up for this free packing list: https://traveltipsbylaurie.myflodesk.com/f1c61979-ca45-422d-8a7d-083db7c39725


I hope you enjoyed this post by Laurie. If you would like us to bring in more guest writers then let us know in the comments. My niece Caroline got the influencing bug hanging out with Shauna and me on our recent trip. Caroline is obsessed with clean beauty, making delicious healthy mocktails and more so she agreed to come up with some fun and interesting content for us. So stay tuned….. SheShe is back to brainstorming.


If you have been missing my fashion post then stay tuned because my travel is slowing down and I will have more time to devote to fashion, beauty and other lifestyle subjects.

Coming soon is our recent trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. If you missed my trip to Fort Myers you can read it here and My Greek Islands blogs you can read Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback!!



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