Properly Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is here and living on the coast of Texas, I like to be prepared. Year after year, we experience some sort of hurricane or tropical storm – preparing for these potential disasters is something I have become accustomed to. Today I am sharing my tips and a few from the CDC about preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm.

Must-Have Beach Necessities 2022

It’s officially beach season! As many of you know my favorite place is Sanibel! I have a beach house there and cannot seem to stay away from the beach. So today we are sharing all of our beach necessities!

How To Luxury Shop In Paris 2022

Paris has so many beautiful and historical things to see and do, but let’s be real…I go to SHOP! Luxury shopping in Paris is not as easy as it may seem! You do not just walk into a store and get that Birkin bag you’ve dreamed up…there’s a process. So today we are sharing some tips and ways to Luxury shop in Paris!

Travel Hacks + Travel Essentials

Summer is the time to travel to new and exciting places. From vacations to visiting family, most of us find ourselves in an airport at some point in the summer. If you want to make the most of your summer travels, take a look at these hacks to make traveling even easier. Enjoy!