New Years Eve 2018 || Velvet Jackets Making a Statement

As I was thinking about what to wear for New Years Eve, I decided on a wearing a velvet tuxedo jacket to make a statement. I am thrilled that velvet has entered the market place this year in such a big way. It is such a luxurious, regal, glamorous, comfortable fabric. If it wasn’t so hot in Houston, I would wear it all year long, but if that were the case then velvet might not be as special.

Outfit Trends

  • Velvet is not the only trend here, so can you guess the other one?? The blazer or the tuxedo jacket, both rising to the forefront of trends. Then you add the velvet factor and voila, you have a winner. One of my favorite brands for an investment blazer is Veronica Beard. You might remember this post where I was wearing one of her pieces with the zip out dickey. I also have a white one that I wore in this post.
  • Tuxedo pants….My pants are by a local Houston designer, Cesar Galindo. He has lived in New York for 20 + years still making his mark in the industry. This Rag & Bone tuxedo pant is very similar. I will say that this style pant is a staple during the holiday season. You can style them in so many ways.
  • The velvet or sequin cami.…. is also a must have. I have had my sequin cami for several years and it comes in handy for that perfect piece to layer under jackets any time of the year. This cami is almost identical. You might also like this velvet cami.
  • Booties….do you have a great pair of black booties. Another must have in your winter wardrobe and you can still snag a great pair on sale, but they are selling out fast. Even though it is cold everywhere, spring is on our heels….especially in the fashion industry. My booties are 4 years old and they just keep on going….. I love this pair, this pair and this pair to add to you fall basics.
  • Tartan….Tartan is a classic for the ages, but this year tartan is still evolving into all categories. This cute tartan plaid clutch is so cute and will be a stand out for years to come. For an extra $10, you can also get your initials engraved on this cute bag.
  • Statement earring….You now how much I luvvvv big bold earrings. I have a couple of great resources for affordable statement earrings. This pair that I am wearing in the photos is from my favorite fashion jewelry brand called Bauble Bar. If you get on their email list you can snag 15-30% off several times a year. I never pay full price.
  • Other jewelry….Until I started blogging, I collected a treasure chest of fine jewelry. Sad to say, I rarely wear it any more. On special evenings out I do like to enjoy the luxury of my delicate diamond necklace and black enamel & diamond bracelet & ring. I will try to share some of my collection throughout my fashions posts this next year.
  • Fox boa/fling…..Ok, so I pull this little honey out ever so often. I acquired this piece back in the mid 80’s. I love the way it elevates any look.  I found this one that is similar and this boa is great too.

Outfit Details

velvet, new years eve, statement, winter, outfit,
velvet, new years eve, statement, winter, outfit,


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