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Happy Saturday everyone! Today marks the very first day of fall- which happens to feel a lot like summer here in Texas. But before we know it, the bright sun will be replaced by orange leaves and cool breezes, as we move towards the highly-anticipated holiday season. To prepare for this special time of year, we’re breaking down what to plant this fall, from beautiful flowers to tasty veggies. Enjoy! 

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According to Better Homes & Gardens, “fall is the best time to plant pansies because the still-warm soil temperatures give their roots time to establish”. Plant pansies 6 to 8 inches apart, but not as a total ground cover. As often as possible, every couple of days if you can, pinch off faded blooms and any fruit (small green seed capsules) that may be forming to ensure healthy growing conditions!

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This one is especially great for warmer climates, like my home here in Houston! Snakeroot is a white, basic plant that can be used as an addition to more colorful selections. According to House Beautiful, “this native wildflower can appear from late summer to early fall.”

Chrysanthemum, fall flowers
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Who doesn’t love the beautiful chrysanthemums this time of year? According to Costa Farms, “these versatile perennials are available in an almost unlimited selection of colors, sizes, and can be used in containers or directly in the landscape. All they require is a sunny location and a drink whenever the surface of the soil begins to dry.” For those of you in the cooler states, cover newly planted chrysanthemums with a few inches of shredded leaves or compost after the foliage dies to protect them from harsh winter conditions.

Petunia, fall flowers, plant fall flowers
Photo credit: Costa Farms


Another find from Costa Farms, petunias can actually be great in cold-weather climates. Apparently, these plants actually do best with colder temperatures which might be helpful for those of you north of our climate here in Houston. These can be planted in containers or gardens as well, and come in a variety of different sizes and colors.

Besides pretty flowers for this season, many of use our green thumbs to grow food for the family. Sometimes knowing which foods are in season during this time of year can be quite the challenge, so below are some of the best vegetables and fruits to try growing this season. Yum! 

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This article from Better Homes & Gardens has a comprehensive list of vegetables best planted in the fall. Some of the more popular choices include:

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Green onions
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Turnips
  • Red radishes

Planting these ASAP will guarantee a fall harvest, as they can handle some sun but are also tolerant to cooler conditions. In fact, “these fall vegetables can handle a light frost, which actually makes them sweeter.”

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If you’re like me- you’re a lover of allllll the fruits. Especially in the fall, fruit is a huge part of autumnal recipes (especially desserts) and having homemade options make tasty dishes even better. The Spruce Eats wrote a great article highlighting fall gardening trends and featured a comprehensive list of fruits that are in season in the fall.

Apple trees are a great idea this season, just in time for some warm apple pie. Another fall fruit favorite is the cranberry, which is typically harvested right in the middle of fall. If you’re in a more tropical region, limes can be harvested in late summer and early fall as well. Pears are flexible with their timelines, with a season that usually lasts from mid-summer well into winter, depending on which type of pear is planted. Pomegranates only ripen in warmer climates., but have a season that begins in October and lasts until the middle of winter.  As you can see – you’ll have plenty of choices (and spare ingredients) this season!

That’s all from us today, folks! As the Texans say…happy Fall Y’all! 



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