Weekend Wanderings | 5 Ways to Connect During the Holidays

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The holidays can be happy, they can be holy, and they can also be…hard. Often we find ourselves stretched thin and worn down, due to the pressure this time of year can bring.

One of the aspects I find most difficult about the holidays in investing in the important people in my life. And by investing, I don’t necessarily just mean gifts. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you often find yourself unable to think of a gift even for those nearest and dearest to our hearts. When I find myself in this predicament I often think to myself, “have I really been listening?” or “do I really know what’s going on in their life?”

So today we’re going to chat about connecting, really connecting, with friends and family during the holiday season. We hope you can use these tips to strengthen existing relationships, build new ones, and fully embrace the magic this season can bring.

1) Go on a date.

And no, I don’t mean with your significant other. I love going on dates with friends because it allows you to really focus on one person instead of a group of friends. I find that, especially with girlfriends, we often forego eye-to-eye conversation for quick phone calls or a conversation in the middle of spin class. But going on a date with a friend gives you a chance to focus wholly on them, ask the important questions and most of all—listen.

2) Send a (personal) card.

Tis’ the season for cards. Lots of them. I love when I receive holiday cards in the mail and enjoy hanging them around the house to bring some extra holiday cheer. But I’m challenging myself to go a step above a typical Christmas card this year and handwrite messages to the important people in my life. Holidays are all about gratefulness, and I want my friends/family to know (in my own written words!) just how grateful I feel for them.

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Have a Very Merry Christmas Greeting Card

3) Schedule it in.

I liiiiive by my calendar. I truly can’t remember the last day I didn’t check it at least once. With that being said, I’m using this tool as a way to schedule in time with friends as a part of my day. For me, this looks like adding a 30-minute window with a friends name, which reminds me to call them or set up a plan for sometime soon. This breaks up the intensity of my day-to-day schedule by giving me a break to be social and helps me maintain relationships with those who might be too far away for an in-person date.

4) Get social.

Social media is a great tool to connect with friends, especially when you can’t seem to see everyone you want to during this busy season. That being said, I’ve challenged myself to step up my social media game and really use it as a platform to encourage those around me. Instead of just liking a friend’s photo, try writing a kind post on someone’s wall or reposting a fun memory from the past. Post a photo of a kind text they’ve sent, or even just a photo they look great in—whatever you can do to help spread some encouragement and avoid the “liking” game. Plus, social media content is contagious, so one post might just go a long way.

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5) Keep a list.

And always check it twice! 😉 To avoid getting in the gift rut, start a list to use throughout 2019 with gift ideas for loved ones. I’m attempting to create a note in my phone for every month, and then list my closest friends/family on each month. This gives me a space to write down potential gifts ideas and also keeps me accountable for ensuring I’ve spent enough time with them each month.

What are you doing to connect with loved ones during the holiday season? 


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