Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019! | What You Need To Know

The most important sale of the year is arriving, in style! Who needs Black Friday when we have the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!? I am once again, ready and excited. Read on for tips to getting in on the sale first and what to prioritize for purchasing.
Pssst…the catalog is down there too!


A lot of folks are wondering who all gets to participate in this glorious sale that only comes once a year. Well the answer is me, you, your sister, your cousin, your grandpa, the kids, and even your best friend! We ALL get to enjoy the sale. But not everyone gets to participate is early!

Click here to sign up for Nordy Club!


Early access will be happening on July 12th. That is for Nordy Club members only. Acquiring a Nordstrom card is quick, easy, and has so many perks! If you’re not wanting a credit or debit card then have no fear. You too can be a Nordy Club member by just signing up! Here’s a list of the dates so you know when you will have access to the sale.

  • July 10th – 11th Level 4 cardholders get access.
  • Icon & Ambassadors Pre-Shop online. (Starting at 12:30 PM EST)
  • Early access to Nordstrom cardholders & Nordy Club members July 12th.
  • July 19thPUBLIC ACCESS starts on July 19th. That’s when the sale opens to EVERYONE. August 4th – Sale ends. Prices go up on August 5th!
  • July 19thPUBLIC ACCESS starts on July 19th. That’s when the sale opens to EVERYONE. August 4th – Sale ends. Prices go up on August 5th!
  • THE CATALOG. If you didn’t get a catalog in the mail then you can preview a sampling of the sale now. There will be so much more.


With my years of experience with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I’ve realized I’ve bought a lot of things that I didn’t need or the weight was too heavy for my climate. Always keep in mind what you have already when you are thinking about adding to your lineup. Also, remember,


Fall and Winter are coming and this is a perfect opportunity to get those items at a major discount. I know it’s hard to ask yourself “what do I need” during this sale! It’s hard for me too, but think about what you do have in your closet and what your wardrobe is missing.

Now is the time to grab those needed items that normally are priced high and will continue to be used year after year. Remember the seasons too! You may not need a new pair of shorts or sandals right now but what about some more jeans, boots, bags, beauty or leathers? Below is a list of great items to snag during this sale for the right price!

Summer sales are already going on and will have an even bigger discount during the sale.

  • Leather Jackets Leather jackets are always on the pricier side and can last for ages! Perfect time to invest in stocking up on them.
  • High – End Beauty Tools – Nordstrom isn’t just for shopping for clothes! They will have a huge sale on beauty tools such as electronic face scrubbers and hair dryers. Maybe the Dyson hairdryer will go up on sale.
  • Boots & Booties – Perfect for Fall and Winter boots and booties! The sale will include some of the coming seasons most fabulous boots and booties. Be sure to grab yours then. FYI Hunter boots always go on sale.
  • Designer Jeans – A quality pair of jeans is a necessity in every woman’s closet. Some of your favorite brands will have their prices almost slashed in half!
  • Beauty Gifts and Value Sets – Forgot a birthday or a holiday gift? Why not get a couple value sets or beauty gifts for that “oops” moment.
  • Althleisure and Sneakers – I don’t know about you ladies but it seems like every year I like to get new sneakers and with starting up Pilates again I for sure love to have all sorts of athleisure wear. Now is the time to stock up for the year.
  • Sleepwear, Lounge and Robes – All of the most comfortable and chic sleepwear will be going on sale as well, now’s our chances girls to toss out those worn pajamas and get new at an affordable price.


The best sale of the year is a couple of days away and I am more than excited. Be conscious of what you purchase and how much you’ll actually wear them. I will be sharing more about this sale and everything Nordstrom is going to offer!


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