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HAPPY VALENTINES’S DAY!!! February is one of my favorite months of the year because of several reasons. One is because it is Heart Health Month but most famously the month of LOVE. Traditionally we relate Valentine’s Day to celebrating the love between a man and a woman but over the last decade, it has become the day of Love for friends, spouses, boyfriends, pets, and girlfriends. Even though I love this day with my husband, I also celebrate the love I have for my wonderful girlfriends scattered across the world. Today I am sharing 10 reasons why we need girlfriends in our life.


Even though this isn’t a paid partnership, I have to let you know how the brand CHICO’S has been a big link to so many of my newest friendships. As you know I have been traveling a lot the last couple of years with 2 ladies that I met on Instagram (Chic Over 50 and More Than Turquoise) and by attending events hosted by CHICO’S we have bonded and grown into our own travel brand called Rockin’ the Ages.

So, on this Valentines’s Day I am toasting CHICO’S for their continued support of me as one of their influencers and for making it possible to connect with so many amazing women over 50 years old, especially to my travel babes Shauna and Jamie.

If I could be with my travel team today or any of my girlfriends for that matter, I would love wearing this dress and take them all to the Bubble Room on Captiva Island, Fla. (photo location) for a delicious dessert. They are out of this world. You will all be in my thoughts on this beautiful day of the year.


Today I am wearing a head to toe CHICO’S outfit that I have linked below. They just launched this new collection that you can check out here. There are a lot of great pieces that are basic to work into your wardrobe for many seasons to come as well as great statement fashion pieces to transition you into spring. Don’t forget to check out their jewelry and accessories too.

I can also style this dress by wearing it open duster style over jeans or leggings with a t-shirt or camisole. Take the scarf around my wrist and wear it around your neck or tie it to your handbag strap.


1. Girlfriends are there for you at a moment’s notice.

Emergency’s or just a little help and you have no one to turn to, a girlfriend will do whatever they have to to rescue you help out. I am always amazed at what my friends have done for me even if I don’t ask. Can I get an amen on this one?

2. They lift us up, build us up but also hold us accountable.

Our real friends are our biggest cheerleaders but will also not let you back peddle or procrastinate. Sometimes it’s even the unsaid words that are the stinger. I hate disappointing my friends!!

3. They make great travel buddies.

I have traveled the world with my YaYa gal pals and recently traveled to Canada, Italy, Memphis, Baja Mexico, Sonoma California and Sante Fe with my Rockin the Ages girls. Norman is just fine with it because as he has gotten older he doesn’t enjoy travel as much as I do so it works out pretty good.

3. Girlfriends become your stylist.

This is where I come in…… and I love it!! I get many questions from my friends about style, skin care, travel and more. Offering my styling tips gives me great joy!!!

4. They host the best celebrations.

I don’t know about your friends but my girlfriends know how to throw a party. No Martha Stewart here, so I am always amazed at their ideas for a bridal shower, baby shower, the BIG birthday parties, graduation parties, engagement parties and the list goes on. I am the private and they are the generals so that means I do what they tell me to do!! ( pssst….I do have a few ideas here and there)

5. The girlfriend support train is amazing.

At my age we are all having to deal with aging parents, helping kids, dealing with illness or a multitude of family issues that life throws at us. The stress can be overwhelming but whatever it is but girlfriends are so great to lean on.

6. They bring us so many blessings

Every friendship brings a new experience to me, and in getting to know another person, I learn more about her and the world. I think that there isn’t a person you wouldn’t fall in love with if you took the time to read their story. Am I right?

7. They know how to bring the party….

The celebrations are just the best!! Need I say more?

8. They are a great therapist.

No matter what we are going through, our girlfriends have their own life experiences passing along their lessons learned. Just an ear sometimes is all we need or maybe confirmation.

9. Group texts become your personal joy.

I have one group of friends in Houston where we have a group text chain. We can be scattered around the world but when the ding (phone notification) goes off we all look at our phones to see what is being said. So many times it is a place of laughter and comfort with hilarious gifs and videos to humor us all.

10. Girlfriends will be the first to call you out!

Not everyone in your life can be completely candid with you. Girlfriends however are the ones to tell it like it is, even if you don’t want to hear it. The “look” says it all. I can read my friends by looking at their face whether it is delight, excitement, sadness, disgusted, mad and all of the emotions of life. Find friends that challenge you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself.


For me, it would be hard to go through my life without girlfriends. At almost 65, I have a treasure chest full of friendships and so many memories that I will forever cherish.

Just when I think life couldn’t possibly get any sweeter, God puts another opportunity in my life to form a beautiful friendship.

Check out this post that I wrote last year on National Girlfriends Day. I talk about a few of my girlfriends and girl gang groups. Be inspired to bond with women in your lives.


  • I am back in Houston and getting back in the groove. Just catching up on all of my appointment (beauty and doctors) has kept me more than busy. Norman is taking me out to dinner tonight for Valentine’s Day to our old time favorite in Houston called Tony’s. Time to shine!!!!
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  1. Mary A McMullen wrote:

    What a thoughtful and so very true write up on girlfriends!! I feel the same! MM

    Posted 2.14.20 Reply
    • shereefrede@gmail.com wrote:

      I always love talking about my girlfriends. One of my greatest gifts.

      Posted 2.16.20 Reply