The All White Edit | Summer 2020

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a white flowy maxi dress on a green lawn and wooded background

Wearing white is so classy and beautiful! It is crisp, fresh and feminine. Today we are featuring all of our favorite white tops, bottoms, dresses etc. in an edit to make your summer fun and bright.


When, where, how, and what time of year to wear white has always been a major debate. Even as a child I remembered we never wore white until after Easter. The tradition is assumed to have started in the 1930’s when the wealthier wore white to symbolize that the warmer seasons were happening. It meant lawn games were happening and more relaxation would happen.

My favorite tidbit about white fashions in history is how women used it in politics! Very interesting story dates back to 1908 involving the Women’s Social and Political Union (the leading force behind the suffrage movement). These strong women rallied across the United Kingdom and wore white (for purity), green (for hope), and purple (for dignity). In America white, purple and gold are the colors for the National Women’s Party. Green and purple or purple and gold, are acceptable for smaller gatherings but for the larger ones white is the preference. Thousands of women protest in white as a means to appear more feminine and gain respect. Being a woman I find the color to not only be beautiful, I find it empowering!


Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a white flowy maxi dress on a green lawn and wooded background

White Tops

The tops above and below are our favorite white tops! I am loving this eyelet top paired with these bottoms! It all pairs perfectly together. Add these sandals, this handbag, and these earrings and you will not only feel fresh you will look it too!

White Dress Edit

All of these dresses are stunning and there are so many fun ways to accessorize them. Add a fun jacket, colorful earrings, a Summer ready sandal and you are ready for what the day has to offer and stylish as ever!

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a white flowy maxi dress on a green lawn and wooded background

Bottoms Edit

White bottoms pair well with EVERYTHING! They also are easy to dress up or down. These bottoms are stain resistant and super slimming!

Jacket Edit

Depending on where you live you may not need a jacket during Summer. But, I prefer to always have a jacket on me since I tend to get cold in restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc. This white denim jacket by Chico’s is super cute and STAIN RESISTANT! What more could a girl ask for?

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a white flowy maxi dress on a green lawn and wooded background

Accessories Edit

Coming from an accessory fanatic, these are beautiful pieces every woman needs in their closet!

Handbags Edit

These handbags are all so chic and ready for summer. Keep coming back to SheShe Show because we will be featuring all of our favorite summer handbags and hats!

Shoes Edit

Whether sandal, sneaker, heel or booties, white shoes are always a classic and a must have. Often times they are transitional for the seasons!

Sheree Frede of the SheShe Show wearing a white flowy maxi dress on a green lawn and wooded background



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  1. 4.26.20
    Nancy Weiss said:

    Good Morning,

    I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful selections as well as learning a little tidbit about wearing white. Great blog post!

    My Best,

    • 4.27.20 said:

      Don’t you just love whites? Thanks for the nice comment Nancy!