Christmas Message 2020

Sheree and Norman Frede in front of fireplace wearing holiday plaid

Hi Ya’ll…..MERRY CHRISTMAS or maybe it’s Happy Hanukkah for you! Do I even have to say how crazy this year has been? No one in this world has been exempt I don’t think. Unlike the last year, I do not have a lot of travel trips to talk about or big celebrations, but I will share our annual Christmas message.

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our year at a glance

January through March

TaxSlayer Gator Bowl

The beginning of this year started off as a normal year. If you don’t know I am a BIG Tennessee football fan so we decided to go to the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl in Jacksonville for a New Years Day game. It was so fun to be amongst my kind for 2 or 3 days and see my Volunteers win. The weather was great and we were so impressed with the city of Jacksonville and all it has to offer. Go here for more about this cool city.

To Sanibel, Florida

From Jacksonville, we chartered an airplane to take us down to Fort Myers where we stayed for a few days at our beach home on Sanibel Island, Fla. It is just off the coast of Fort Myers. January can be 80 degrees or in the 50’s so we just expect and enjoy whatever we get.

We went back to Houston but I made my way back to Sanibel on January 18th so I could attend my neighborhood annual Home Owners board meeting. It is always so spicy….. so I never want to miss out on the drama.

I stayed about 10 days and my sisters and nieces came down for their annual beach fix and shell hunt. We have found the perfect place where we all have fun because we are all beach girls through and through. We got this beach love from our mom.

Rodeo Houston

Now it is March and Rodeo Houston starts a 3-week annual stint of big entertainment, shopping, and of course the rodeo. We have season tickets to all of the events so we were able to get to a performance before COVID-19 canceled the rest of the rodeo. When we heard the news we had already gone back to Sanibel. This is when we knew that something big was going on. Bigger than we could imagine at the time. The Houston Rodeo never cancels!

March through July Message

You know what is coming next…..absolutely nothing! We hunkered down and tried to stay in. I started organizing like the rest of the world. I even planted a few herbs and tried a few recipes. Norman was not easy to train…he wanted to be out in the world-shaking everyone’s hands and hugging them. I think I have just now finally trained him on COVID safety guidelines. Do any of you have a hard-headed guy or girl in your family?

In May, my niece Caroline (Stacy’s daughter) graduated from East Tennessee State University and we had planned to attend but it was canceled. So instead we decided to go back to Sanibel for a change of scenery. The airlines seemed like they were doing everything possible to keep their passengers safe so we decided to go for it.

Back to Houston where we hung out for a couple of months.

June through September Message

Just work and hanging out at home until late July then we went back to Sanibel and then chartered a small airplane to fly us to Key West where we joined 2 other couples for some fishing and r & r. We had the best time. I actually got Norman to snorkel with me. The waters were so beautiful and we felt so safe and way from Corona Virus. The best trip! Read my Key West Travel Guide here.

August Message

Later in August, we were still needing to feel free so we headed to our place in Montrose, CO. It was still hot there but being on the river was so nice. We felt so blessed to have a safe haven to retreat to!!

Back to Houston where we thought we would go over to Austin for a couple of Longhorn Football games but we decided that we probably should stay away from all the people. We stayed at home until the end of September.

September through December Message

So by late September and the first part of October, we decided to take advantage of isolation so we went back to our river ranch in Colorado for the change of the leaves. While there we invited a couple over to hang out with us. We had so much fun taking an RV ride up the mountain as well as some target shooting. Just being outdoors and seeing the beautiful colors was magical.

November Message

I was looking so forward to our annual Thanksgiving trip to Tennessee but about a week before we were to leave we decided that we needed to skip this year because the virus was spreading fast again. It is a good thing we did because 2 days after Thanksgiving my brother-in-law came down with Corona Virus and 2 days later my sister got it. Even though they got sick they did pull out of it without hospitalization. Whew, that was a close call because we would have been with them a lot!!

December Message

I took a quick trip to Sanibel to do a catalog shoot early this month for Anthonys of Florida. They are a ladies resort clothing store that has 13 stores in Florida and has a website. They were so much fun to work with. I also did a walkthrough for my newly remodeled kitchen with my designer and contractor. It is the last part of our remodel so it feels so good to be done. Now to just enjoy!! I will go back there mid-January for our annual homeowner’s meeting and I hope at least one of my sisters can join me again this year. Norman will go quail hunting while I am there.

About Our Families


We are so blessed with a new life back in February. My nephew, Will Pope and his wife Sarah had a new baby girl named Whitley. I have yet to meet her.


Like I said earlier, my niece, Caroline Wilburn graduated from college and just this week we graduated our grandson Clayton Bonner from the University of A&M. He is the son of Suzanne and Trey Bonner, my stepdaughter and step son-in-law. We have now graduated all 6 of our grandchildren from college. So proud of them all, but we are so glad to not have to go to any more graduations. I guess weddings and babies are next….

Miss Pippa

Miss Pippa sitting on a package in front of Christmas tree

Pippa will be 9 years old on New Year’s Eve. She is the sweetest doggie but loves to get into any kind of food that is laying around. I accidentally had a goodie bag for some girlfriends sitting on the floor in my office just this week. She ate 6 ounces of milk chocolate M&M’s which almost killed her. It was touch and go for about 24 hours. Let that be a message for you doggie lovers. She is mostly recovered and we are feeling so grateful!! Pippa is a big part of our lives!!

That’s a Wrap

So, I hope I didn’t bore you again with our stories but since we don’t do snail mail cards anymore, this is the best way to share.

We love and appreciate all of our friends, family, followers, and readers of the SheShe Show. Norman and I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas season and praying for all of us to have a better 2021!!!


As I close out 7 years of bringing all kinds of content to the SheShe Show, I want to sincerely thank you for stopping by for a visit. What we do is work but it is sealed with a lot of love. I couldn’t keep doing this year-end and year out without you! XO, SheShe


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  1. 12.20.20
    Shauna said:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet girl! We are so grateful to you and Norman for your lovely hospitality in Colorado! May this year CALM DOWN for us all and WE can get back to some FABULOUS vacations together!!!! XOXOXO

    • 12.23.20 said:

      We loved having you with us and we are ready to go as soon as the shoot opens up!! giddy up girlfriend….let’s bring it on!!
      Merry Christmas!

  2. 12.21.20

    Hi Sheree!

    I loved reading about your year! You certainly did pack a lot in in spite of COVID! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years! Stay safe and keep inspiring us!

    • 12.30.20 said:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you so much!! I love to spend time here on my blog!! Hope you have a blessed 2021! Let’s talk soon!

  3. 12.21.20
    Michele said:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • 12.23.20 said:

      Thank you, sweet friend! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  4. 12.21.20
    Norma Moses said:

    Sheree, great blog!
    Merry Christmas!
    At the Knoxville airport now returning from Smokey mountains 💕

  5. 12.21.20
    Deb said:

    Merry Christmas! Love reading your blog stories snd fashion ideas.

    • 12.23.20 said:

      Merry Christmas to you as well!! I love what I do and I am so glad that you enjoy our posts. I am planning for next year right now. If there are topics that interest you then let us know.

  6. 12.22.20

    Great recap of your year. Happy holidays to you and Norman !

    • 12.23.20 said:

      Thanks so much Jack! We are still thumping over here!! Merry Christmas to you all!!