Weekend Wanderings | 6 Steps to Better Sleep

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I’ve always had mixed feelings about Daylight Savings Time. In some ways, I appreciate the early morning brightness that helps get me out of bed. But for the most part, the early-onset darkness makes me feel constantly tired and constantly racing to climb into bed. The problem is–getting there is only half the battle.

For many of us, achieving sound sleep can be a difficult task. With the holidays right around the corner, we think it’s important to implement some healthy sleeping habits. You should probably practice this now before you’re sleeping on a relative’s couch or in an unfamiliar hotel room. So today we’re breaking down our top six steps to better sleep in hopes it…doesn’t put you right to sleep!

Move the alarm clock: This is one I do all the time. For really big events, or when I just want to kick the habit of turning off alarms all morning, I often place my phone across the room. That is if I’m using it for my alarm. Then when it rings I have to get up–which is always the hardest part anyway!  

Rise and shine: According to the Better Sleep Council, waking up to natural light helps the circadian rhythm of your body throughout the day. “Try getting daily sunlight exposure,” they suggest. “Or — if this is not practical — invest in an artificial bright-light device or bulbs.” 

Keep it consistent: Healthline notes that “one study claimed that participants who had irregular sleeping patterns and went to bed late on the weekends reported poor sleep.” Their solution to this? Go to bed and wake up at similar times every night, to help balance your body out.Person Holding Silver Iphone 7

Put down the device: This one is kind of a given, but the Better Sleep Council reminds us to stay away from that lurking blue-light before going to bed. “The lighting from electronics actually stimulates your brain while you’re trying to sleep and wakes you up,” they advise. 


Keep it cool: So we’ve mastered keeping it cool, but can we also keep it consistent? (Does anyone feel like this is turning into a conversation about relationships?) Anyways, the Sleep Foundation suggests that keeping your bedroom between 60 and 70 degrees is proven to make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Bunch of White Oval Medication Tablets and White Medication Capsules

Source the supplements: At the end of the day, sometimes some modern medicine is the only thing that can solve the sleep problem. Healthline suggests supplements like Ginko Poloba (to aid in sleep and relaxation), Glycine, Magnesium, and several other options. 


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