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This post is sponsored by SiO Beauty. I was paid for this post and received the included beauty patches as compensation.

I am always on the hunt for products that can turn back the clock. Well I know that is impossible but I can be proactive and be consistent using products that can slow down the aging process by regenerating collagen and hydrating the skin. Today, I am using anti-wrinkle patches developed by SiO (pronounced “See-Oh) Beauty. These reusable patches have become part of my night time routine and I am definitely seeing some nice results after just a couple of weeks.

Do you have those areas that are just bugging you to death? Would you like to avoid Botox and surgeries? Try SiO beauty patches before you do anything else. I feel sure you will be glad you did.

About SiO Patches

  • Made with the highest quality Medical Grade Silicone. Hospitals have been using this ingredient to heal scars for years.
  • Contoured to fit and feel like a second skin.
  • Silicone restores collagen production by creating the ideal microclimate to draw moisture to the skin’s surface. Collagen smooths wrinkles by pushing the skin up and out making the skin plump, firm and tight.
  • Dermatologist reviewed and approved as well as clinically proven and safe.
  • Unlike many competitors selling similar silicone patches, SiO patches are reusable up to 15 times and they are not gooey, wet, or messy.
  • These patches are all designed to gently hug the skin so that they are comfortable to wear and sleep in.
  • Any age can use these patches and get the benefits. SiO patches are used as a preventive treatment as well as to restore skin to a more youthful appearance.

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How To Use

  1. Cleanse then dry – the patches adhesive will last longer if the skin is clean and dry
  2. Remove the plastic film – place the pearl self-adhering patches around your desired area.
  3. Wear the patches for a few hours or for better results wear them for 6-8 hours while sleeping.
  4. Remove the patches by holding down the skin as you peel the patches off.
  5. Rinse patches with water and let them dry then return them to enclosed storage shield. Store in a dust-free area.

I was thrilled to know that SiO Beauty also creates patches for the chest, hands, knees, and elbows. These are areas that show major signs of aging that we sometimes forget about treating. My hands and neck seem to be my biggest culprits so I have really been thankful to see my hands looking softer with fewer wrinkles.


SiO Beauty is a very affordable daily beauty routine that softens fine lines, increases hydration and restores collagen. It can postpone invasive procedures and can be used by young skin as preventive or improve the look and feel of mature skin.


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