Weekend Wanderings | 6 Secrets For The Perfect Staycation

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Do you ever feel like you need a break from summer traveling? I often find myself piling up all my trips in the same time span, and burning myself out with travel. The solution? A staycation.

Staycations seem to be the trendy thing to do these days–but really, we’ve all been having these for years. A staycation is really just defined as “treat yourself” time in your own place of residence (whether that be your actual house, or just the same city or state).

I am in need of a good staycation after all this summer travel…so I figured you might be too. Enjoy these six secrets for the perfect staycation, right in your very own backyard!

staycation tips, staycation, best ideas for a staycation, how to have the best staycation, best tips for a staycation

Turn off the phone

Psychology Today poignantly states that “excessive use of even the best technologies reduces our happiness in meaningful ways.” Whether you are alone in your staycation or with a partner, take this time to put away devices. Turn off notifications (email, text message, social media), turn on automatic responses to email, and turn off all the alarms. This is your time to unplug from the chaos around you…so don’t waste a second staring at a screen!

Focus on your sleep

Similar to the idea of putting down your phone when you can on vacation comes the idea of sleeping while you can on vacation. Even though some of us (like myself) somehow busy ourselves with unpacking, planning, or wanting to jumpstart the next adventure….make time to take those naps you only dream about during the regular week. Don’t let yourself get too caught up in adventures and itineraries–allow yourself more time than usual to get those z’s. In an unfamiliar place? Check out the sleep masks below to help when traveling or staying someplace new.

Go out of your comfort zone

A large part of any staycation is comfort. We want to take this time to rest and relax, preferably in the presence of some fluffy blankets and a full screen TV. But going out of your comfort zone in small ways (or big!) are great ways to keep the trips more exciting. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, wearing something way dressier than you usually would, or dancing to a song without knowing the words…sprinkle these moments of spontaneity into the staycation to make it even better.

Grocery shop…the right way

Before I lose you….I am NOT suggesting that you cook for yourself on a staycation. My piece of advice is simple–pick up some drinks and snacks before you even get to the place you’re staying (or go get some, and bring them home if you’re staying there!) Nobody likes hangry partners, or wants to be hangry themselves, so being prepared with food/drinks is the perfect way tensions can always stay low during trips like this.

Bring the spa to you

If you’re lucky, you’re headed straight to a hotel or resort with a glamorous spa included. But for most, spa days are usually more of a DIY effort. If you are taking this route, spend some time at your local beauty stores picking up your favorite lotion and face masks. Use this time to pamper yourself, learning beauty routines you can even incorporate into your day-to-day life. Need a good robe to complete your spa day? Take a look at some of our picks below.

Create peace for the comeback

I think this one is SO important and yet SO overlooked. The hardest part, for me anyway, about going on a trip is having to return with the “Sunday Scaries”. To fix this, try having a housekeeper, babysitter, lawn mower, landscaper, or dog walker come to the house either before or when you get home–so some of the heavy lifting is already done for you when you return.


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