Spring Handbag Trends

Spring has sprung – at least it has in Texas! We are feeling warmer temps and seeing brighter colors! I do not say that only referring to all of the new blooms, but in fashion too. As a handbag lover, I think it’s time we share our favorite handbags. We love sharing the newest trends and keeping you ladies up to date on the latest fashion.

Out With The Mini?

Last year we saw the tiniest of tiny bags….can we just call them micro? Handbags that could only carry a credit card and lipgloss were trending everywhere! While they are PRECIOUS and I DID participate in the trend, I am certainly glad to see bigger handbags coming out. The mini is not completely out…we’re just seeing less and less of them. Instead of the mini bag, try out a bag a little larger. In between the mini and a tote is a great size! This size, is not quite a medium, it is slightly smaller and the perfect size!

Bold and Bright

Color queen over here is beyond excited for all of the colors we are seeing this season! Lots of boldly bright colors to add to your look. I am not afraid of these colors at all, but if you are shy to be so bold with your look drenching in bright colors – I suggest a bright handbag to add a nice pop of color without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


Textures really came into the picture last year with all of the lattice and woven bags! This year we are seeing lots of textures and new fabrics. I love this jute handbag, so fun and unique and has all of the colors! I recently got my hands on this Brahmin bag and I must say, ladies, it is YUMMY! The Ashlee Tan Nelani is pure quality, the leather, stitching, and feel are absolutely luxurious and the perfect size to travel with!

Fresh & Fun

We are seeing a lot of nostalgic bags! From beaded bags to crotcheted, the ’90s are taking over the trends. I first saw the trend with my crocheted cardigan, which is where I first fell in love with this trend. Now we are seeing it on sandals, shorts, and even handbags! Like this one!

So Shapely

The shapes are popular this year! Whether it’s round, square, or rectangle, the geometrical shapes are everywhere and I adore it!

The Spring Handbag Shop


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