Beach Necessities

Sheree Frede on the beach

It’s officially beach season! As many of you know my favorite place is Sanibel! I have a beach house there and cannot seem to stay away from the beach. So today we are sharing all of our beach necessities!

Beach Tents + Umbrellas

I love to protect my skin from damaging UVs and an easy way to do that is to stay in the shade and out of the sun. This tent is one of my favorites and I LOVE this umbrella! Look at that fringe!

Relax On The Beach

I’m a sand lizard! I love the sand and just being on it all day. For chairs, I love this set that even has its own umbrella. For a more upscale look, I love these loungers from Serena and Lily.

Food + Drink


Body + Face

We are constantly putting on sunscreen and forgetting about our hair! This hair protectant is perfect for your locks all day in the saltwater! Here is an after-care conditioner. Speaking of sunscreen, I love this by Supergoop!. Now and until June 8th get 20% off at

banner for Supergoop 20% off sale

Beach Towels


So in my search of finding the best beach necessities, I found this case for your phone and electronics! I love it because I no longer have to worry about my phone overheating and crashing on me. This speaker is also a favorite of mine. It may be small, but it is powerful!

Beach Shop

a collage of beach necessities


Norman and I have returned to Houston for a few days then off to Montrose, Colorado for about a week. We decided it was time to size down our life so it is with great sadness that we will be selling our river ranch there within the next 2 weeks. I really dread packing up all of our personals and momentos. I sold my business and 2 commercial buildings in Montrose over the last few years so this is our last tie to this area after 27 years. We met the best people, explored God’s beautiful mountains, fished the rivers, skiid the slopes, snow-shoed, bugled elk, biked, 4-wheeled, built a beautiful home, opened a ladies boutique and so much more. I thank God for all the wonderful memories.


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