May Best-Sellers Round-Up 2022

May was such a busy month for me! I traveled and traveled, and traveled some more! Below we have a few of our best-sellers! These best-sellers are not from the brands’ but they are YOUR favorites and best-sellers here at SheShe Show!

What I Wore In Paris 2022

Paris is always such a fun place to be and I love the fashion! Every time I travel to Paris, everything is super curated and thought out! Below I have all of my looks I wore in Paris!

Francesca’s Faves Round-Up | SSN

If you are a member of SSN (SheShe’s Shopping Network) you may have seen Tuesday’s live with Francesca! Sheree is in Paris and with the time difference, she would not be able to make it! No worries, we still went live! Below we have all products and the details!

Soak Up The Sun Safely + UPF Clothing Cabana Life

Nothing feels greater than soaking up the sun! This blog will feature fabulous ways to protect your skin and some great skincare tips to keep your skin looking younger and protected with UPF clothing line Cabana Life!